Mehwish Hayat Dawood Ibrahim Relationship

Mehwish Hayat Dawood Ibrahim RelationshipDawood belongs to India. He is called most wanted Terrorist of India “Dawood Ibrahim”. Zee News channel of India has exposed about the relationship between Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayyat and India’s Dawood Ibrahim. Zee news has reported that Dawood Ibrahim upset over report DNA exposing between them. This post is about Mehwish Hayat Dawood Ibrahim Relationship. So see here Mehwish Hayyat Pictures, age, profile, Introduction etc and Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar pictures, age, famous for, drug dealer, terrorist, mobster, net worth, family, wife, children, son, daughter, wife etc on this page of

Mehwish Hayat Dawood Ibrahim Relationship

Who is Mehwish Hayyat?

  • She is living in Karachi Pakistan.
  • Mehwish Hayyat age is 6 January 1983 (37 Years).
  • She is a Pakistani actress she got Tamga-e-Imtiaz.
  • She worked in Pakistani movies Punjab Nahi Jaongi and Load Wedding & Actor in Law movies.
  • She has become most famous now a days on social media of Pakistan.
  • Now Mehwish Hayat Dawood Ibrahim Relationship that India has exposed relationship with Kaskar Dawood Ibrahim drug dealer.

Who is Dawood Ibrahim?

  • Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar is a biggest underworld don and most wanted Terrorist of India.
  • He is famous for Drug dealer, Terrorist and mobster.
  • Indian Government has put reward of 25 Million $ to expose/arrest Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar.
  • Dawood Ibrahim age is 64 year he was born on 26 December 1955.
  • It is said by Zee News India that he is wanted from 1993.
  • His wife name is Zubeena Zareena. Nationally is Indian.
  • Dawood occupation is Gangster.
    Mahrukh, Mahreen and Maria are his daughters.
  • He has one son Moen Ibrahim.
  • His networth is 7.1 Billion $.
  • Shabir Ibrahim & Iqbal Hassan are his brother.
  • He has 4 childrens named (Moin Ibrahim, Maria, Mehreen and Mahrukh ibrahim).
  • Read the latest news Mehwish Hayat Dawood Ibrahim Relationship announced by Zee News channal India.
    Dawood Ibarahim Sister is Saeeda Parkar.
  • 1993 He is indulge in Bomb Blast in Mumbai India.

Mehsiwh Hayyat Dawood’s Most wanted Girlfriend

Peoples wants to know that who’s Mehwish Hayyat and why is  she being linked to Dawood Ibrahim. Peoples also want answer that Is Mehwish Hayyat Dawood Ibrahim’s girlfriend or not?  Mehwish Hayat Dawood Ibrahim Relationship?