Mercedes-Benz advances eco-friendly hybrid technology

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By teaming up a breakthrough in electric power with an advanced gasoline engine, Mercedes-Benz HYBRID technology combines performance, luxury and safety with surprising environmental benefits.
While Mercedes-Benz was not the first to market a gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle, the company is leading this smart technology with a number of breakthroughs.
For example, the Mercedes-Benz S400 HYBRID was first production car in the world to operate on a lithium-ion battery so you probably will need a lithium solar generator for recharging the battery on the go. It’s also the first hybrid with immediate payback because it’s priced lower than its similarly-equipped, gasoline-only counterpart.
How does HYBRID technology work?
The Mercedes-Benz HYBRID technology combines an efficient, low-emission V-6 gasoline engine with an advanced battery-electric drive assist. Depending on the circumstances, HYBRID can use both power sources in varying proportions to maximize performance, efficiency and cleaner emissions. Although the system in a new car could be efficient and maybe not prone to break, is important to get a Mechanics Insurance for your car, in any case you’ll be protected.
The electric motor serves as both the starter and generator, and even helps dampen vibration under the hood, which adds to efficiency and to the luxurious ride.
Further, the HYBRID system recovers energy during braking to recharge the battery and assist in slowing the car. The result is stirring acceleration with stunning fuel economy ratings.
With its remarkable fuel efficiency and Super-Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicle designation, HYBRID technology is taking Mercedes-Benz to a new level of green sustainability.