Microsoft is going to launch windows 8.1

After the successive releases of Windows 7 and Windows 8, Microsoft is going to launch a new release of Windows with more palatable features. It seems that the next release of Windows, Windows 8.1 is ready. It gets released to manufacturers. It will be done till the end of August and will be available for developers and users soon. It is announced that the quality matrix of Windows 7 will be back in Windows 8.1 (The large amount of changes in Windows 8 codes are made to prevent from increase in crashes and hangs).

I know what developers and users are thinking. They have the same question on their minds; whether Microsoft will give RTM bits early. In other words, Will everyone get Windows 8.1 gold bits till the end of August?

Microsoft planed to not to give RTM bit until launch. It means no one can get and enjoy officially released Windows 8.1 bits before 18 October
Windows 8.1 is codenamed as “Blue”. It is a new operating system with number of changes to make more pleasant for user. Windows 8.1 has

  1. A start button
  2. Boot straight to desktop option
  3. Ability to unpin all metro apps
  4. Built-in tutorials
  5. Improved Windows store
  6. Business-focused features and many more

In late June Microsoft launched Windows 8.1 consumer preview test.