Microsoft’s Gains 60M Users, Exits Preview


Microsoft’s Gains 60M Users, Exits Preview

Microsoft is touting a new milestone in its effort to take on Google’s Gmail., the company’s new free Internet email service, has grown to 60 million users since launching in “preview” at the end of July, according to the software giant.

Over the weekend, Microsoft also removed the beta tags from and made it open to the public.

“It’s been just over 6 months since the preview released and the reception to date has greatly surpassed our expectations; over 60 million people already actively using,” David Law, director of product management for, wrote in a blog post. “This number represents people that sign in several times a month via the web, client, or smart phone to really use our service.”

All users of the company’s vintage Hotmail service will be automatically moved over to Outlook this summer, though users can switch sooner if they want, Microsoft said. When making the transition from Hotmail to, users won’t need to notify their contacts of a new email address or set up the service from scratch. Users can keep the same @hotmail email address, and their password, messages, folders, contacts, rules, vacation replies, and other settings will all stay the same with no disruption, Microsoft promised.

“The upgrade is seamless and instant for people who use Hotmail,” Law wrote.

Those who want to switch now can sign in at, and Microsoft promised to “take care of the rest.”

Going forward, Microsoft plans to launch a massive global marketing effort to promote Based on its internal research, the software giant said that users saw 60 percent fewer ads on average when using The service replaces ads with the latest updates from Facebook or Twitter when a user is reading email from one of their contacts.

Microsoft said users have also been happy about’s tools for handling newsletters and commercial mail. The mail service comes with Sweep, a feature that helps users more easily move, archive, or delete specific email.

PCMag recently named as the top Web app for the year as part of our Best Products of 2012. Describing the new Web mail product as “the best thing to happen to email in years,” PCMag’s lead software analyst, Michael Muchmore, touted’s integration with Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud services and Office Web apps, as well as the whopping 300MB allowed for file attachments, “compared with 25MB for the next highest competitor.”

Microsoft said that nearly half of all users have leveraged SkyDrive to share more than half a billion photos and Office documents to date.

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