MNA Kashmala Tariq has been involved in Hajj corruption scandal


MNA Kashmala Tariq has been involved and exposed in Hajj corruption scandal. According to FIA, FIA has launched a special inquiry to probe the involvement of Kashmala Tariq using the official Hajj quota for personal and private use. Kashmala has been involved in selling the official Hajj quota to about 10 people every year, from last 10 years.

She gets official quota and then sells that to private people worth of 4 lakh (0.4 million) each Hajj ticket to 10 people.In 2012 she distributed this especial quota to 9 people and received about 4 million whereas the facilities provided there during Hajj were poor and unacceptable to the Hajjis.

After that bad and worst treatment during Hajj, people named Shahid Nazir, Miss Uzma, Ghulam Murtaza, Farzana Murtaza and Nasreen Hussain approached the FIA authorities and told them that Kashmala is involved in selling of official quota and misuse of official powers. FIA has begum the investigation and according to FIA , FIA is trying each and every step to find out the mishandling of official quota by Kashmala Tariq during the last years.