Nadia Ashraf PHD Student Suicide Karachi University

Nadia Ashraf PHD Student Suicide Karachi UniversityKarachi: This is very bad news that Young Doctor Nadia Ashraf Ph.D. Student Suicide at Karachi University due to her thesis was rejected/failed by the supervisor Karachi University. Nadia Ashraf was a young student of Karachi University he was studying Postgraduate degree, Ph.D. Degree at Karachi. See here Nadia Ashraf pictures.

It is reported that “Nadia Ashraf” was a young doctoral student at Karachi University. She was studying Molecular Medicine & Research at “Dr. Panjwani Center Karachi University”.

Young Doctoral Nadia Ashraf Ph.D. Student Suicide at Karachi

Karachi: Read this she was so many harassed by her Ph.D. Supervisor named “Dr. Iqbal Chaudhary” due to this her Ph.D. thesis about Molecular Medicine and Research was rejected and disgraced so many times it is reported that owing to this she was unable to complete her Ph.D. Programs at Karachi University by last 15 years. Check on pictures of Nadia Ashraf’s doctoral student at Karachi University.

Karachi University Student Commits Suicide over Harassment for 15 years

Karachi: Nadia Ashraf was also facing Psychological & family issues last few days. It is said that Dr.Atia Wahab who was appointed by Dr. Iqbal Chaudhary as overseeing Nadia, and Dr. Atia Wahab were upset Nadia due to which Nadia Ashraf Ph.D. Student Suicide Karachi University.

It is demanded by her family and students of Karachi University that the matter should be investigated and the tragic death of Nadia Ashraf should be investigated thoroughly.

Young Ph.D. Student at Karachi University Nadia Ashraf commits suicide over Harassment

Karachi: Read this news that (ICCBS) International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences of the University of Karachi has said on Social Media that death of young Doctor Nadia Ashraf is baseless, groundless & unfounded because she was seriously upset and depressed due to her family issues and she also join the private university to support her family. And her family issues frequently mentioned and listened.