Nadra Alien Identity card NARA ARC System

Another project named (NARA) was introduced by the Government of Pakistan. Through this project NADRA Alien Identity Card registration all non-residents, immigration and foreigner will be registered legally. NADRA is the identity registration authority that was formed as (National Database Organizations). What is Alien Registration card (ARC) in Pakistan get details online?

Nadra Alien Identity card NARA

This scheme was firstly announced by the Pakistan Government and with the collaboration of the National Database Management Authority & Narcotics control. In 1998 National Database and Registration Authority has attached to the Ministry of Interior department Pakistan. Nadra Alien Identity card registration of immigration documents.

Nadra Alien Identity card Registration Immigration Documents

NADRA authority has taken this step to register the non-residents and non-native that are living and working in Pakistan country. Foreigners would be registered with biometric verification online for Nadra Alien Registration Card (ARC) in Pakistan.

Nadra Alien Identity card NARA

Documents Required for Nadra Alien Registration Card

It is reported after 8 years of passing NADRA authority has announced this Alien System in Pakistan. the following documents are required to register foreigners.

Provide last time issued NARA Card National Alien Registration Authority. 

Show current Passport and other documents regarding traveling history or documents.

Show any proof and evidence of documentation for living in Pakistan country.

Benefit & Privileges for Nadra Alien Identity card NARA ARC System

You can open a Bank account in Pakistan 

By issuing the Alien Registration Card this is the approval to stay in Pakistan.

You can find employment privately by applying for work permitted. 

You can also start your own business.

Get mobile connections etc.

Get your own vehicle and own Ghar as Roshan Apna Ghar scheme launched by Prime Minister.

You can also get Corona Virus Vaccination.

Call at Nadra Alien Identity card helpline and contact number for more queries at 111 786 100

Note: Afghan Nationals and Holders POC don’t require Pakistan Alien Registration Card. 


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