Nadra Launching New verification System on 28th

In a statement issued on saturday, the Nadra said that each one telecom operators had earlier in agreement with the prime minister to launch bio metric verification system for the supply of SIMs from february28.

According to the statement, the new verification system would force every national to approach merchant, franchise or client service centers of cellular operators in person and supply his/her fingerprints for authentication against CNIC information control with Nadra. On undefeated dealings, SIM are activated.

All this operation will be performed on-line and can take 15 seconds end to end. Moreover, security connected segments believe that such measures can facilitate the government curb the utilization of illicitly issued SIMs for act of terrorism, extortions and street crimes.

Pakistan has considerably high cellular density. Though mobile phones have modified the dynamics of communication means that, their misuse has created security risk. before biometric verification services, ways adopted to control SIMs’supply were liable to frauds. Now, with the fingerprint matching facility, it’s expected that a similar can bring authenticity and can cut backthe danger of SIM supply against pretend identity to nearly zero. In this regard, Nadra has incontestible its services and applications to the Asian nation Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and cellular mobile operators.

The proof of the conception has been allotted with some telecom operators. A draft contract has already been forwarded containing minute details of this operation. Nadra has planned versatile design to telecommunication business with its recommendations on the idea of security and performance. Nadra has requested the telecom operators to terminate the contract and readying plans in order that the target date of february twenty eight is achieved amicably.