Narendra Modi Letter to Imran Khan

Read here latest news that Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India has written a letter to Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan. The letter has been written to PMĀ  Imran Khan on dated 22-03-2021 copy is attached here. Read what is written on the letter displayed here came from India Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi Letter to Imran Khan

Every citizens of India and Pakistan know very well that the internal and external relations between these countries are not so good since 1947. What the people expect on receiving the letter from Narendra Modi Prime Minister India. Visit this website to see and read at the letter dispatched from Government of India.

PM India Narendra Modi Letter to Imran Khan

The news has become breaking news on received the letter from India’s PM Narendra Modi. He is greeting to the Republic of Pakistan on the occasion of Pakistan Resolution Day Youm e Pakistan day.

Narendra Modi Letter to Imran Khan

Furthermore he added, that being neighbouring country Government of India has desired the cordial, hearty and inmost relation with Pakistan.

He added that for this purpose we should create environment of hope, trust and hospitality among them.

Upon the passing through pandemic situation due to COVID-19 this is big challenge for whole world to compete with the disease. He has wished the Pakistani peoples upon facing big challenges due to Panademic situation Coronavirus COVID-19.

Read all what Norendra Modi PM India has written and best wishes for Pakistani peoples in the attached letter from India. The news of Narendra Modi Letter to Imran Khan is going viral on social media.

Narendra Modi Letter to Imran Khan PM Pakistan

Narendra Modi Letter to Imran Khan Prime Minister Pakistan. Copy of letter from PM India to PM Pakistan has been attached herewith. Imran Khan letter from Narendra Modi PM India.