What is the Nature & Technology



Over time technology has helped man to move his physical body and things faster and faster and to more and more places he couldn’t go before. Now technology is able to help man move his mind faster and to more places.


Mind Technology!

Mind technology is developed from other technologies upon which it is based upon and which makes everything possible. Technology such as, electronic audio, electicity and computer. What was once done at normal speed in the traditional way, but with technology we can now be accelerated to hyper speeds. In a supersonic jet when you once had to walk, it’s like being able to travel. Some people think it is best to do things the natural way than to rely on technology. From one end of the Earth to another end, when you could fly there in a supersonic jet? Would you want to walk? You would not even dare to think of doing that.


Nature & Technology!

We still use what is natural but we incorporate the use of technology. Use both is the best way to live, nature and technology. We should never let technology dominate our natural abilities but we should use it to enhance them. Man’s ability to think is the natural result of technology. So we can say that actually nature is a part of technology. Nature and technology both are one. The difference between what is unatural and natural is the use of it. Even things in unnature can be used in natural ways.


Environmental Technology!

However, about technology there are two different opinions. One side of technology says that is the best tool to create simpler and easier lives while another side says that technology is harmful for the environment. These two different opinions are just to be true. Technology can also be helpful but harmful at the other side too. Green technology here means technology which is able to conserve natural environment and resources. Making people’s lives simpler and easier without providing harmful effect to the people and their surrounding environment through green technology. This technology really helps to reduce the effect of prior technology that has made the environment destructed or damaged. The damaged part of nature any where in the world can be repair with the help of this green technology, and this technology also helps people to preserve the environment such as purifying water needed in rural areas. This green technology is moreover also meaningful to absorb the chemical toxic in the air which results in better air for people.