New Images of iPhone 6, 4.7 inches Screen

Sufficiently close that it has launched off the coast as the day for Android as well. iPhone 6 release from Apple is expected to launch soon The latest news comes out again. But this was not just slide. This is a clip off to do it.

This news emerged from an undisclosed source from Vietnam video shows the machine. And assembly of the iPhone 6 full by the model in the clip is believed to be a dummy. Or a simulated The device is primarily Material is aluminum luxury. The black lines on the edges and is believed to be plastic. The screen is expected to be approximately 4.7 inches, and it seems that you will not use the clip in flash as dual-tone iPhone 5S, but is instead a single LED flash.

And from the clip with the information that the machine is relatively light weight. It is not certain that the unit is in the clip is empty. No circuit boards inside? Watch the clip at the link below it. My friends think the iPhone 6 is real or not.