New Suzuki Mehran 2020 Review & Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Mehran 2020 Review: 

Auto technology increased by the demand of Suzuki Mehran 2020 is not decreased. Each medium level Govt employee and small businessman likes to have Suzuki Mehran below him.

This is about the price of Suzuki Mehran Price in Pakistan is like talking about a legend and a dream come true car for every middle-class citizen of Pakistan. Over the years, Suzuki Mehran has become nothing less than a perfect small family car for the nation. No matter where one lives, having a Mehran in his/her garage gives the first feeling of elitism and class elegance to every household.

The previous model (Suzuki Mehran) of this car came up with a better and tweaked up for improved fuel economy and environment friendliness engine, Euro II. The new model for 2020 comes with the similar engine, style and shape, but a few design changes inside the car. The price of this car has always been kept in the budget of an average person.

One fact that can never be ignored about this car is its amazing fuel economy. Apart from this, its sturdy body, bump-absorbing suspension and active brakes make Suzuki Mehran truly a reliable car for the whole family. A few things that cannot go without being unnoticed about this car are its renewed front grille from the previous models, blue tinted lights and body color bumpers on the front and back.

Though Suzuki is known in Pakistan for taking years before it brings any change in the model, it also makes sure that the price of a car is always kept within the means of its buyer. However, the new Mehran car comes with a couple of bright changes within the same price tag. This makes sure that Pakistani people get a new Mehran with a new look without bothering about what Suzuki Mehran price in Pakistan is.

From the outside, the new look does attract. People were tired of the same old black front grille. But with its revitalized Euro II standardized engine, the front grille was also changed to make it give a better look. Then the new blue tinted lights give it a new look apart from throwing out bright light up to a distance. That’s not all, because Mehran does not stop here. The body color front and back bumpers give it a unified and modern look and the cherry on the top is its beautiful wheel caps.

Fuel economy is what works the best and the brightest feature of this car making it a hot favorite for most small size families. On the average Suzuki Mehran gives 11-15 Km per liter of petrol and 15-18 Km on CNG/K, which is a, of course, a good feature. Overall, Mehran is one hell of a durable car and definitely worth every rupee spent on it.

However, the side windows are the classic back ones and rest of the dimensions remain the same.

The interior of the car depends on the model you choose from Mehran VX and Mehran VXR.  The VXR is a comparatively better model with air-conditioning, wheel caps, body color bumpers and high-quality car fabric seats being standard.Then again, no matter what the model, you still get a moderately spacious head and leg room for front and rear seat passengers, comfortable seats with seatbelts for added protection and a better and tougher roof for everyone. Not only this, Mehran also gives plentiful space for gearshift and new bolder and brighter vehicle instrument panel for the driver.

Suzuki Mehran 2020 price in Pakistan:


Mehran VX Immobilizer860,000/-
Mehran VXR Immobilizer923,000/-
Mehran VX Limited Edition846,000/-


Note: Price is not same ever as each dealer vary from city to city adn Govt tax differs each time. 

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