Next Generation of iPhone, iPod will use 3D formed Gorilla Glass

It seems that the new product, Apple can have the rounded It looks that the new product, Apple will have the rounded then, when Corning vender screens the powerful world famed Gorilla 3D Glass, declared the launch of the new “3D-Shaped Gorilla Glass” that could be a screen there. Graphical record And super durable! 

Status of Corning Gorilla Glass screen is applied to the smart phones worldwide more than 10 million units and Corning also the suppliers. Manufacturer Screen for Apple’s latest Corning launched a new glass screen. It has a rounded But still the same strength. The company believes this screen. Able to meet the current market changes, such as a stream of Wearable Device, including iPhone, iPod, or even iWatch is rumored to be launched this year. It tends to come and bend the screen as well.

This year there were rumors that Apple will launch a new iPhone comes with two screen size is 4.7 inches and 5.5 in the second half of 2014 and will have a slightly curved screen as well.