Night Vision Infrared: Snooperscope turned in to a camera

Of project funding with Kickstarter now Snooperscope night photography infrared camera connected to a mobile signal. Or tablet screen available!

Snooperscope is a wireless camera connected signals with smartphones like iPhone, Android and tablet models. It can send images from the camera are displayed on the mobile screen. Or tablet like any other lens.

The characteristics of it is that this camera is an infrared camera on. Enables shooting in illumination condition. The camera work is released infrared signal to an object. To be recorded in the dark. Which is compatible with the devices, smart phones, many of you are familiar is the iOS and Android that the camera on the device is connected through the seasons of Wi-Fi Direct, and once connected, you can control the camera screen smart. phone or tablet instantly. And the screen will display real time, allowing you to take pictures. While recording a video

Also, you can take pictures at night with night vision within a distance of about 33 feet and a battery can be used continuously for 3-4 hours

Developer Snooperscope Pricing it at $ 99 or about 3,000 baht, now those interested can purchase it. It is expected to start delivering the first lot in April 2014.

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