Govt Announced NITB App Beep Pakistan For Official Communication

NITB App Beep Pakistan For Official Communication

The Federal Govt of Pakistan is taking a very good starting to avoid cyber attacks. National Information Technology Board launching NITB Application Beep Pakistan to convey official messages with one another. The Director-General of the PMO office has spoken on the eve of launching the NITB App beep Pakistan. What are its features read below?

Features of NITB App Beep Pakistan

The new modern era communication application has a wide range of latest features. NITB application has the following features and high-quality working ability for Messaging, Audio Calling & Video-conferencing, etc.

Audio Calling
& Video-conferencing

DG of Project Management Office has also spoken that in the 1st phase Beep Pakistan has been officially inaugurated for 20,000 most high ranking Govt officials are answerable for taking decision. After the first phase, the NITB app for govt employees is extendable to all other remaining officials.

The motto of NITB App for Govt Employees

The NITB app has been launched as a great and secure way of communication inside the country. By this app, all conversations and official messages will be controlled. Call this office helpline number for more details 051 9265 375.

The NITB App has sponsored by National Information Technology Board (NITB). A set of unified communication launched by the Federal Government has for efficient & safe comments and messages between Government officials.