Nokia Android handset codenamed first came to Normandy!

They believe that many people would dream about Android or Nokia smart phones from Nokia, running the latest Android OS, but it seems it will be possible then. When news broke that Nokia is developing a smart phone with Android, codenamed Nokia Normandy!

Sources inside Nokia’s site to provide information to The Verge that Nokia has new smartphones launched in 2014 , which is code -named Normandy and interesting than that. This machine is not a mobile operating system Windows Phone 8 , or a series , but it was Asha ‘s first Android OS Nokia!

The source also said that Nokia Android handset is not a desktop version of the Galaxy S4 or against HTC One , but it is the economy . Ludwig mobile market starting level as that of the Amazon Kindle Android tablet in its price class that owns it.

And finally Off @ evleaks Lord is revealed photos of Nokia Normandy by visitors to go by that. Not sure what mobile phone handset in the family , but it is called Asha and Lumia Nokia Normandy.

If a mobile handset is a Nokia Android handset that Nokia will become the first Android friends really think Samsung would be able to shake the throne or not .