Pakistan army checkpoint attack kills 35 Latest Pakistani News


Pakistan army checkpoint attack kills 35 Latest Pakistani News

Militants attacked AN isolated army stop in Pakistan’s restive northwest, with a minimum of thirty five individuals killed within the initial assault, ensuant crossfire and a rocket attack on a house, officers aforesaid.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan religious movement claimed responsibility, speech the attack was in response to a U.S.A. drone strike in neighboring North Waziristan last month within which 2 commanders were killed.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistani military and pro-government militias have since 2009 regained territory from the Pakistan religious movement, United Nations agency once controlled land a couple of hours’ drive from the capital of Islamabad.

The militants attacked the post at Lakki Marwat too soon Sabbatum.

A security official aforesaid twelve militants and thirteen troopers were killed within the clash. 2 bodies had suicide bomb belts on them.

”Cross-firing between militants and security officers continuing for four hours,” one supply aforesaid.

The militants additionally targeted a house next to the camp with rockets, killing ten members of 1 family, as well as 3 kids, the official aforesaid.

”Pakistan has been co-operating with the U.S.A.  in its drone strikes that killed our 2 senior commanders, Faisal Khan and Toofani, and also the attack on military camp was the revenge of their killing,” the religious movement voice aforesaid.

He aforesaid four suicide bombers attacked the camp and blew themselves up. He aforesaid quite a dozen troopers were killed.