Pakistan Army is deploying 70‚000 troops for election duties

Latest Election Related News:

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Army is deploying 70‚000 troops for election-related duties, including provision of security and maintenance of law and order, Major General Asim Saleem Bajwa told the media.

General Bajwa, head of the Inter-Services Public Relations, said the duties assigned to the Army include provision of security for printing presses where ballot papers are being printed; safe transportation of ballot papers and election material to returning officers and polling stations and maintenance of law and order.

He said printing of ballot papers is going on since 19th of last month and troops are guarding premises of the printing press concerned.

He said deployment of army in Balochistan would be completed by Thursday night while deployment in Sindh including Karachi would begin on Friday and the same day movement of troops for deployment in Punjab would also start.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa troop deployment is underway and would be completed soon in coming days.

Replying to a question the Gen Bajwa said police and para-military forces would guard polling stations on the polling day while Quick Response Force of Pakistan Army would remain on standby for assistance.

Separately, Information Minister Arif Niazmi said borders of the country would be sealed on the election day to prevent any infiltration and movement of Afghan refugees living in Pakistan would be restricted.

Sources by: gulfnews