SC hints to ban YouTube in Pakistan

Pakistan Banning Youtube Channal In PakistanIslamabad: Read here the latest news has been viral that ” SC hints to ban YouTube in Pakistan “ in Pakistan owning to having objectionable and obnoxious and undesirable content available at YouTube channel. The Supreme court of Pakistan has suggested that we cannot remove some vicious and questionable contents/material from social media (YouTube channel) but here we can block /ban YouTube channels in Pakistan country. this channel will not be seen more in Pakistan from today.

SC hints to ban YouTube in Pakistan

Islamabad: supreme court of Pakistan listening to the case of sectarian “Shockat Ali” who was found in sectarian hinted/suggested to PM Pakistan to block YouTube channel in Pakistan. The case listened on Wednesday (22-07-2020) at Islamabad High Court.

Islamabad: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) & FIA have narrated and come into the knowledge that we cannot challenge or remove content at YouTube channel but only the solution is this that we can only report/block & ban YouTube channel in Pakistan, so owing to seek this situation it has bee decided that SC hints to ban YouTube in Pakistan.

Islamabad: Justice Qazi Muhammad Amin and Mushir Alim were listening sectarian case decided and  SC hints to ban YouTube in Pakistan. It is the only solution to avoid such sectarian, un-regulated / objectionable contents/materials present on YouTube.

Pakistan Blocking YouTube Channel in Pakistan

Islamabad: Wednesday 22nd July 2020 Justice M.Amin remarked/said the decision has been taken now, (PTA) Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and (FIA) Federal Investigation Authority have initiated this action against happening such type of Sectarian on YouTube platform. Peoples has no right to mock/embarrass to Pakistani Judges.

Islamabad: Justices have said that YouTube is banned in several countries, 5 years ago YouTube had been banned in Pakistan due to spreading sectarian contents. Non-Muslims have uploaded a movie about Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) and viral it on YouTube channel due to which this channel had remained block in Pakistan.
Now this time has also again come and SC hints to ban YouTube in Pakistan due to having/spreading Sectarian contents at this platform. After banning YouTube in Pakistan no one would dare / courage to share content against Pakistan and Pakistani administration.