Beware from Pakistan Fake Currency Note Serial

Beware from Pakistan Fake Currency Note SerialIslamabad: (Press Reporter) Let me know here the latest news about Pakistan fake currency note, stammer, and counterfeit PK note. It has been announced by here that now Pakistani people Beware from Pakistan fake Currency Note Serial, some smuggler and counterfeiter are spreading fake note in Pakistan.

As we know that Pakistan fake currency note is most being used by every person to exchange things, to purchase anything from the shop keeper. So beware to give/take 500, 1000 & 5000 note it can be also fake / bogus. Let me tell you that Rs. 500 note fake serial is “AF”, Rs. 1000 Pakistan Fake currency note serial is “CE” & Rs. 5000 fake serial is “HO”. Keep in mind above said Fake currency Pakistan serial and escape yourselves and others from a big loss.

Beware from Pakistan Fake Currency Note

Beware from Pakistan Fake Currency Note Serial

Mostly customers give Pakistan fake currency notes to the shop keeper or any other people in a country. Currency note is one of the most using things in a country, the currency of a country is the most spreading thing. Currency is exchange, transfer, and spread from one place to another place within no time.

Living in a Pakistan country all the public of Pakistan will have to beware, active, and alert and vigilant from exchanging currency notes in Pakistan. Pakistan Fake currency notes are spreading in the market. Here some fake currency notes serial numbers are being given on this page. Note down and remember these Pakistan fake note serial no to avoid & escape from any loss.

Fake Currency Serial Pakistan

PK Pakistan Fake Note serial as below:

Fake serial 500 Note: AF

Fake serial 1000 note: CE

Fake serial 5000 note: HO

Here Pakistan Fake Currency note serial has been given on this page of scoopak, note down or remember it in your mind, and check that which note you are taking from others are not like these fake serial keys.

Government of Pakistan (State Bank of Pakistan) and Pakistan’s new currency publishers are trying their best to prepare secured currency notes in Pakistan. So that the people could not prepare/made fake & duplicate Pakistan currency notes in the future.

Never try to make duplicate Pakistan currency even Call at 15 (Police) if you find the people who have or exchange Pakistan fake currency note in the market, Govt police must punish and arrest having Fake, bogus, counterfeit & duplicate currency of Pakistan.

Read this post carefully and spread it as soon as possible for other people to escape them from taking Pakistan fake currency note currency. Just one share can help others. Allah Almighty also says that “Allah helps them who helps others” so like, share and comment on this post for our reforms and suggestion.