Pakistan Ujala Home Service, House Renovation

Home Service by Ujala Homes PakistanIt works also online, offline you may contact Pakistan Ujala Homes via contact details, email address or physical meet with the members of Ujala Homes Pakistan which provides low-cost Homes & Apartment across Pakistan. Pakistan Ujala Homes provider of low-cost apartments/houses works Pakistan Ujala Home Service, House Renovation and as a connector, effective platform between buyers and sellers, stakeholders, real state online to provide his services and to get rid of any Pakistani Ujala Homes provides low costly  Homes & Apartments all over Pakistan.

It also serves his services in providing the most efficient, popular and most effective property advisor, sellers and purchaser across Pakistan. It has also created/launched a property portal for the citizen for smooth, easy and best track to sell and purchase property, provides affordable, suitable and reasonable prices and solutions of livings, homes, and apartments, etc from anywhere the location in all major cities and across Pakistan. convenience, trouble, and handiness for all. Pakistan Ujala Home Service, House Renovation, home maintenance, and home repair are now open.

Functions of Pak Ujala Home Services

  • Reasonably priced Housing Scheme.
  • Truthful / Responsible Association Connection.
  • A practical, sensible and pragmatics helpful platform to achieve the most favorable, trustworthiness and self-assurance for their customers across Pakistan.
  • A user-friendly accessible online/offline platform.
  • Low expenditure Housing proposal, ideas, project, plans, and suggestions.
  • Famous Cities of Pakistan Ujala Homes Scheme

It is said the Pakistan Ujala Homes has finalized, accomplished so many projects for housing, dwelling in dissimilar cities of Pakistan but in future more plans, projects and locations are under consideration, contemplation, deliberation in various areas of Pakistan. Pakistan Ujala Housing Scheme is working across Pakistan but especially in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Sialkot,m Sukkur, Dera Ismail Khan and so many other cities of Pakistan.

Pakistan Ujala Homes are making big planning in these cities of Pakistan. This company is comprising of 2 to 3 rooms apartment, 5 marla but single-story homes, residence, dwelling, quarter across Pakistan, Prices of Ujala Homes are between Rs. 15 Lacs to Rs. 29 Lacs.

Specifications of Pakistan Ujala Home Maintenance


All apartments allotted by Pakistan Ujala Homes are made of standard stipulation and strong formation, Aluminum windows, steel frames, and tiled floors/baths and wooden doors of the apartments. So there are 2 types of the quarter which Pakistan Ujala Homes are providing for their clients are as under:

Two Rooms Quarters= 400 Sq ft.

Three rooms apartment= 680 to 700 sq ft.

The worth/cost of two rooms is Rs. 15 lacs to 16 Lacs.

Worth / cost / expenditure of three rooms is Rs.24 lacsto 26 lacs.

Registration of Pakistan Ujala House Renovation

By the registration, you can get/know the exact cost, the worth of the apartment. SO registration is totally free you always just in mind that doesn’t worry about that there are available projects with low worth/cost, reasonable prices and livable. There are free of cost online for their clients across Pakistan.

Contacts Details of Pakistan Ujala Homes

Location of Pak Ujala Homes: Office No. 13, 14, 2nd Floor, ChenOne Tower, Abdali Road, Multan, Punjab Pakistan

Contact/cell phone: +92 (21) 111 111 160

 The email address of Ujala Home is: