Pakistani Celerity PISA Awards Winner List 2020

Pakistani Celebrities PISA Awards 2020On the eve of PISA stands for Pakistan International Screen Awards dance and music performance were also done / entertainment by Pakistani celebrity in Coca Cola Arena Dubai last night. (PISA) stands for Pakistan International Screen Awards was scheduled in the Dubai Arab Emirates last night. Many celebrities performed the best acting, breathtaking performance on the stage on the eve of Pakistan International Screen Awards Show (PISA) 2020 Fans of the celebrates also took part in this function was held in Dubai. SO man Pakistani peoples, fans especially celebrities of Pakistan take part in this awards show in Dubai. Awards hall were fully decorated with different and mindblowing ornaments, decoration, red carpet were also placed on the floor of awards hall in Dubai.

Pakistani Celebirty Awards Winner List 2020

PISA Awards 2020 DubaiFans of Celebrity fully supported to their best actors/heroes or best actress/heroines. PISA 2020 was held at Coca Cola Arena Dubai where so many Biggest stars of Pakistan entertain, amuse, have company in the shape of best performances and they really entertained the audience by their outstanding and mind-blowing acting.

PISA Awards 2020 Winners Full List

Pakistani Celebrities PISA Tickets AwardsLet’s now discuss the best (PISA) Pakistan International Screen Awards 2020 in details:

The best Cinematographer is” Salman Razzaq” Paray Hut Love.

The best music of the year was called is “Azaan Sami Khan”.

Youtuber is “Ducky Bhai” in Roaster.

The best writer of this drama is “Khalil-ur-Rehman.

Best Song of the year is “Baari By Momina Mustehsan and Bilal Saeed”

Pakistani Celebrities PISA Awards 2020The best Actor of the year is “ Adnan Siddique” in drama Mery pass tum ho.

Best Director was called “ Asim Raza”.

And Best Model of the year was called is “: Sadaf Kanwal”

The best actress of the year is “Sana Javed” in Russian drama.

Best Actor in Comedy Role is “Adnan Samad Khan” drama Ehde –Wafa.

Best Actress in Comedy Role is “ Nadia Afghan” drama Suno Chanda.

Best picture of the year is “ Superstar “

Pakistani Celebrities PISA Tickets Awards 2020Best Actor/Heroin Leading Role is “Sheheryar Munawar” Parey Hut Love.

Best Actress/Heroine in Leading Role is “Mahira Khan” superstar.

Best Designer of the year is “Hassan Sheharyar Yasin”

This is award was gone for “Best TV Play Drama” is “Mery Pass Tum Ho Drama (ARY).”

Best Director of drama Mery Pas Tum ho is “Nadeem Baig” and

Best TV Actor / Hero is “Humayun Saeed” in Mery pass tum ho drama.

Pakistan Celebrity Awards 2020Every year so many outstanding and quality basis comedian and entertainer drama, movies are launched for the audience. Every stars/actor/actress/hero/heroine tried to give best performance/achievements in all pictures so at the arrival of New Year all movies and drama are examined and admired by the Audience and PISA Pakistan International Screen Awards is arranged/held every year in dissimilar countries like in Pakistan or Dubai.

Pakistan Celebrity Awards 2020So abovesaid best categorizes have been chosen/elected by the audience/selection committee in the year 2019.