Pakistani Students Launches First Satellite in Space

Pakistani Students has launched first satellite for scientific purpose in space on Thursday evening. iCUBE-1 is Pakistan’s first Cubesat Satellite.

On-board Dnepr launch vehicle, the satellite was launched from Yasny launch base, Russia. The launch also created a record for the maximum payload launched into space.

iCUBE-1  by the Institute of Space Technology (IST), will open up future possibilities for carrying out experiments in the domain of space dynamics, nano technology and microgravity and is expected to serve as testing ground for developing satellite constellations.

A Spokesperson IST Raza Butt said, “iCUBE-1 has been launched in a polar orbit, 600 km above the surface of the Earth and is designed to take low-resolution images of the planet.”

The satellite has a volume of 10cm cube and houses several sensors to collect data for research purposes. Fully autonomous, it has the capability of maintaining itself via its on-board computer.

“The launch of iCUBE-1 is a significant milestone in the space programme of Pakistan and will motivate the youth in taking a more active part in satellite development programs,” Butt said.