Paris Terrorist Attack |129 deaths, 325 injured

PARIS (AFP + Router + Net News Agency):- Paris Terrorist Attack |129 deaths, 325 injured in Paris, capital of France, suicide attacks, bombings and shootings killed at least 129 people, while more than 350 have been injured, including women and children are among the dead . 

Lights, kusbuyun been washed in the blood center. In the affected areas of Paris since 1944, was the first curfew but later it was taken up in several areas. French President Francois Hollande has imposed emergency in the country. According to some reports, the death toll has reached 160. ISIS support at the scene arrested a suspect has been transferred to an unknown location. 6 places targeted by terrorists, including the stadium, is a restaurant and concert hall.

Clan Kiln hostages were subjected to the theater, Paris has been entrusted with the security forces, were srhdynsyl broke out with neighboring countries, education institutions and government offices were closed, people were advised to stay indoors . Train and air service in Chile has been routine.

French President Francois Hollande was too busy to watch. According to police, the terrorists out of the stadium were three explosions and gunfire. The blasts were suicide attacks. Terrorists opened fire broke inside the stadium. The security personnel deployed on the ground in the gathered crowd took protective barrier, causing more casualties were reported.According to eyewitnesses, the youngest terrorists fired indiscriminately at people. 99 of the injured were in critical condition and the death toll is likely to rise. According to an eyewitness, an attacker with Iraq to show support.

According to AFP, saying he was a man cried Francois Hollande is the fault of all, they should not intervene in Syria. The man was detained and taken to an unknown location has been questioned. Btaklan theater hall, an eyewitness said the attackers repeatedly fired their weapons on those tablets three times to fill the gap. He had witnessed the exit near the exit so he succeeded. French President Francois Hollande after operation btaklan theater visited the nation in addressing Europe in the 21st century, it is unusual move. Paris is the serial attacks. Being close to national borders, so the attacker could not escape from the country.

The elements will be prevented from entering the country.Museum tourist centers in Paris, the Eiffel Tower was closed to the public. US officials in Paris were the terrorist attack this integrated. Paris suspected of involvement in attacks in Germany, a man who has been arrested American band performances in the concert hall is safe. Some of the injured are American citizens. Eiffel Tower is closed for an indefinite period. Kusbuyun and renowned beauty of Paris is in shock this time.

Schools, markets, tourist centers, Disney Land are all closed. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said in Paris after the attacks were necessary to resolve the conflict in Syria. He’s Cup meeting in Vienna was talking to the media before. He said that the international community has a duty that evening and shared frameworks of terrorism kry.atlaaat the concert hall was attacked French citizens who police the attackers possibly French citizen and had contacts with Islamists.

The bodies of the attackers have been found near the Egyptian and Syrian passport.’Night Life’ ‘of world famous, kusbuyun and lights in Paris is the first rule of silence. The government ordered people out of their homes do not. Paris’s world-renowned road ‘sanzy lyzy’ was deserted. Shops, shopping malls, restaurants, nightclubs and pubs will be closed, traffic disappeared, people had to walk miles to reach their homes. Paris all educational institutions to close for an indefinite period has been announced.

Thousands of police and military personnel have been deployed across the city are on the corner of the corner house searches were ordered to begin preparations being hy.zkmyun are citizens of the United States and Belgium. The dead Belgium, Sweden, two, two, one Briton, one American woman, Tunisia include two sisters. 7 attackers were killed, according to the French prosecutor. A US newspaper has claimed that a suicide blast outside the stadium in Paris, France and Germany from the bomber’s soccer match ticket was recovered, a suicide attacker wanted to attack the Stadium. Paris attacks against European Union announced yesterday mourning, all European countries will be a minute’s silence. Day will be mourned.

According to foreign media said the announcement by the European Union issued by the Paris attack is an attack on the whole of Europe, terrorist threats jointly deal. French president and the people are with. Demonstrations have been banned in Paris. Several people have been arrested in Brussels.Syrian Minister of Greece said that the police have found a passport, he was a Greek refugee, it was from a Greek island. Greek police French police are looking for two gunmen who were refugees from the Greek. French authorities have asked the Greek authorities that they check their passports and fingerprints.

PARIS (Reuters / BBC) and French President Francois Hollande said that France carried out the attack in the Iraqi. These attacks are war Iraq. This is a “war measure is’. The French president said the attackers were 8 suicide attackers were involved. He said he was planning attacks abroad, but that they are also involved in the interior of France. He declared three days of mourning in the country. France has imposed emergency in hospitals. Blood donation is being appealed. The investigation has been started, forensic teams to collect evidence of attacks are going on. French president addressed the people in the military have been called. In Paris, at least 1,500 additional troops are deployed.

Police 8 attackers were killed, but the actual number may be higher.According to the BBC, the bodies of 10 people out of the restaurant was found lying on the road. People were told that they do not go out of their homes. US air strikes airlines to suspend flights to the city, but other airlines have announced flights to Paris routinely blows open the international train service from London to Paris, however, the Euro train was fully booked which has been empty since the attacks. British airlines announced Paris flights delayed due to security checks have been reported. France on Monday will be a minute’s silence. The French president’s weekend.

20 conference has been canceled. According to reports, 8 terrorists were killed 7 of them had blown himself up. French embassies abroad has been tightened security. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has postponed a visit to France. The number 11 has become an important global events.

XI XI thrtyn from hundreds of lives were teasing the victim of hatred. XI, XI Five, Six spout geometry of Xi Xi and thrtyn connected with terrorism. XI 2001 attack on New York’s Twin Towers, the world has changed.

Six spout as they did in Mumbai XI. Pakistan XI in 2007 was five. Darra Adam Khel suicide attack took the lives of 68 people in Paris now thrtyn XI incense filled the smell of gunpowder. Acts of terrorism and what is accidental or planned number of 11 after eleven dates or the eleventh month of the attacks is no secret.

Why is a symbol of the thrytnth Friday in the West? The attack took place in Paris on November 13. According to a private TV channel 13 on Friday to two million people in the West are afraid. Afraid to sit at home have lost 80 million dollars, do not travel, go to work and not buy anything. Their health is in danger of being damaged. In the 13 th floor of many buildings and hospitals have not.

French prosecutor said that the attackers targeted three groups, are being gathered evidence on the attackers, terrorists were wearing suicide jackets. He killed 129 people and injured 350. 89 people were killed in the concert hall, the car used in the attack was stopped near the Belgian border police to file an attacker had security. Paris attack near Brussels Mullen 3 facilitators were arrested simultaneously. Detainees were interrogated. Concert Hall identified the slain terrorists, the terrorists had been to prison several times. Terrorist attack are being collected evidence, inquiry is supported by friendly countries.

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