Pemra Bans Jalan Ary Drama

Pemra Bans Jalan Ary DramaBreaking News: PEMRA Bans Jalan Drama Pakistan ARY TV channel. Read Jalan Drama Story ARY Drama Pakistan. Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has banned drama Jalan ( جلن )ARY Big bag entertainment on Thursday 10th September 2020. This drama was Premiered on 17th June 2020 (Wednesday). Jalan Drama Producer is Fahad Mustafa. It has completed 13 episodes drama series. (پیمرا ) Pemra bans ARY Digital’s drama Jalan due to “Indecent Content”. 

Intro to Jalan Drama Banned by PEMRA

  • Drama Name: Jalan ( جلن )
  • Producer: Fahad Mustafa
  • Premiered date: 17th June 2020 Wednesday
  • No of episode: 13 episodes
  • Network: Big Bag Entertainment ARY News channel
  • Audio Format: Stereotype
  • Jalan drama Cast: Minal Khan (Nisha), Areeba Habib (Misha). Emmad Irfani, Fahad Sheikh, Sajida Syed & Maira Khan.

What is Pemra?

(پیمرا  ) PEMRA stands for Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority was founded on 1st March 2002. Pemra is an independent and federal instruction. Work of Pemra is to control channel and Mass, print and electronic media. It issued licence to Pakistani channel.

Pemra Bans Jalan Ary Drama

  • Pemra: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority
  • Foundation: 1-03-2002
  • Chairman CEO: M.Saleem Baig
  • Pemra headquarter: Islamabad

Pakistani Drama ARY Jalan Drama Story Pemra Bans

Read here Pakistan Jalan drama story that what is story of Jalan Dram?. Jalan Drama is a Pakistani ARY TV channel Drama which revolves about 2 sisters, 1 man and 1 Cousin (Maternal). Jalan Drama story is this that 2 man love eachother’s sisters but madely. 2 sisters name “Misha” & “Nisha”. But recently Pemra bans Jalan Drama (جلن ) of bigbag entertainment ARY channel.

  • Misha (Areeba Habib) is elder sister
  • Nisha (Minal Khan) is younger sister.
ARY Jalan Drama Overview Pemra Bans

Read here ARY Drama Jalan overview. Islamabad: Jalan drama is “Minal Khan” project which currently casting on Bigbag Entertainment ARY Channel Pakistan. Acting of Minal Khan is very admirable by the fan followers and peoples but Peoples just hating the (Story Line) of Jalan Drama ARY. Read more on its official website.

Pemra Bans Jalan Ary Drama( جلن ڈرامہ ) Jalan is Pakistani tv drama series. It was started on 17th June 2020 (Wednessday) on ARY Channal. Fahad Mustafa is producer of Jalan Drama. Jalan drama has completed 13 episodes from 17-06-2020. Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority  ( پیمرا) PEMRA banns Jalan Drama ARY Big Bang Entertainment news channel. Jalan drama banned on 10-09-2020 (Thursday) due to Indecent Content. پیمرا نے پاکستانی جلن ڈرامہ بین کر دیا۔