PES Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020, Training, Pictures, First Aid Book Pdf

PES Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020 (Punjab Emergency Service)

Rescue 1122 (PES) Punjab Emergency Service is one of the best and professional service of Pakistan. This service provides so many facility and services to the Humanity, injured person, trauma patients, medical emergencies patients etc. here I have uploaded Rescue 1122 Organizational Structure, Rescuer’s Oath, Rescue 1122 Official logo, Ambulance picture, fire fighting vehicle, Rescue equipment, training pictures at LOS Shama chowk faroz pur road Lahore. Now its current head office at Thokar Niaz Baig Motorway, M3 Lahore. Rescue 1122 was first initiated in 2004 at District Lahore Punjab Pakistan. Find Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020 and Advertisement and Rescue 1122 vacancies 2020. You can also learn here How to provide First Aid at Home

Rescue 1122 Latest Jobs 2020

PES Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020 (Punjab Emergency Service)Also see here (RTA) Road traffic accident pictures, fire fighting emergencies pictures, community pictures and drills pictures during training of 1122 employees.

  • (DG) Director General: Rizwan Naseer
  • Head Office: Thokar Niaz Baig Bypass, Lahore to Islamabad Motorway, Gopi rai, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Contact No: (042) 37421122

PES Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020 (Punjab Emergency Service)Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020 (PES) now this department has become Punjab Emergency services it has been spread across the province of  Punjab Pakistan, now with the passage of time this service has been spread, expanded to other provinces of Pakistan like Punjab, KPK, Gilgit baltistan, Baluchistan etc. That day is not far when this service will be made one of the best and professional of Pakistan. Here i have also attached 1122 Reference Book for Applicant. Get complete information Rescue 1122 Punjab. 

Rescue 1122 Training Pictures 2020

PES Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020 (Punjab Emergency Service)Services of Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122

  • Ambulance Service: This service provides Ambulance service after giving first aid; shift the victims, patients, casualties to the nearby Hospitals.
  • Fire Fighting Service: Provide fire service to distinguish the fire if there caught to anything building, house, vehicle, Public property etc.
  • Drowning case: Diver of Rescue 1122 Evacuate the victims if drowns into any canal, river, ponds etc.
  • Fall in deep well: Provide service when a person or animal fell into any deep well.
  • Building Collapse: Provide service where any high rise or a house collapsed due to any reason. Evacuate the victims, provide First Aid and shift the patients to nearby hospital.

PES Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020 (Punjab Emergency Service)

  • Road Traffic Accidents: Now day by day the road traffic accident has been increased due to careless driving, underage driver. This service move the Ambulance at the location provides necessary First aid to the victims and stabilize and shift them to nearby hospitals with professionalism.
  • Medical Emergencies: Due to any sudden illness, disease they provide Ambulance at the location and home, after providing first aid, stabling the patient shift the patients to Hospital.
  • Community Training: Rescue 1122 service also provide awareness, consciousness and alertness to masses how to escape yourself from any danger, what to do in any case of any emergency at their end. The people are trained how to provide First Aid to medical or Road traffic accidents patients before arrival of Rescue 1122 service.
  • Miscellaneous: they provide first aid, help in all types of emergencies, burn cases, suicide cases, Bullet injuries, delivery case etc.
  • Other: Besides above said emergencies Rescue 1122 is one of the best and top service in Pakistan who provide help, aid to the people in case of any problems, illness, catastrophe, earthquake, fire, incident, storm, floods etc without any cost and discrimination.

PES Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020 (Punjab Emergency Service)Stay updates about Rescue 1122 jobs 2020, rescue 1122 latest jobs 2020, rescue 1122 new jobs 2020 on this page. Punjab Emergency service is free service. This is government of Pakistan department who funding to this department. Rescuers are trained with professionalism and they made physical fit and active. It is first and topmost prime responsibly of Rescuer to be fit, active and responsive 24 hours. You may also visit Rescue 1122 Official Website for more details and information, also get rescue 1122 jobs application form and rescue 1122 result details. See and check here rescue 1122 training pictures. 

PES Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020 (Punjab Emergency Service) Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020, Punjab Emergency Service has now established and spread across Punjab and now this services / department has been established in other provinces like KPK, Balochistan, etc. There are so many categories and the employees of rescue 1122 is serving humanity according to their training and designation. Download How to give First Aid at Home Download Book in urdu PDF. 

Rescue 1122 Jobs Application Form

PES Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020 (Punjab Emergency Service)1122 provide their service 24 Hrs. You can call at 1122 any time in case of any help during an emergencies. You can see here attach Road Traffic accidents Pictures, fire case pictures even all pictures related to Rescue 1122.

Emergencies Details Dealt by Rescue 1122

Here know that statistics of all type of emergencies dealt by 1122 since 14th October 2004 to up til now. You may also check District Wise Emergency Dealing Date. 

  • Road Traffic Crashes = 2,531,249
  • Medical Emergencies / Illness = 3,789,622
  • Fire Emergencies Responded = 146,181
  • Crime Incidents Case = 237,851
  • Building Collapse / Structure Collapse = 8,982
  • Drowning Case = 12,255

PES Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020 (Punjab Emergency Service)Rescue 1122 is such a welfare department of the govt of the Punjab who is serving humanity with professionalism. It is only the sole department that cares / saves the lives of humanity from any danger, saves the public property and lives from fire emergencies. The average 7 minutes response time of Rescue 1122 is still continuing. It is Pakistan’s first free Ambulance and fire services. Stay updates here Rescue 1122 latest jobs 2020. 

PES Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020 (Punjab Emergency Service)Get updates about Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020 here. CTWOs Computer Telephone Wireless Operator listen to the emergency calls in the control room established by Rescue 1122 in all districts of Punjab and immediately wireless operator moves the required Rescue Vehicles according to the nature of emergencies like Medical Emergencies, Road Traffic Accidents, fire emergencies, Building Collapsed emergencies, Drowning case emergencies and so on.

Rescue 1122 Contact Details For Whole Punjab 

Every inhabitant of Pakistan wants to join Rescue 1122 from the perspective of serving humanity with professional training. Rescue 1122 now has become a world-first Ambulance service and has been registered by UNO. Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020 will be uploaded on this page of scoopak. Keep in touch / carry on to visit this page for Rescue 1122 latest jobs 2020 / Rescue 1122 new jobs 2020.

See a Rescue 1122 Documentary With its Official Song


PES Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020 (Punjab Emergency Service) PES Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020 (Punjab Emergency Service) PES Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020 (Punjab Emergency Service)PES Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020 (Punjab Emergency Service) PES Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020 (Punjab Emergency Service) PES Rescue 1122 Jobs 2020 (Punjab Emergency Service)


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