Peshawar BRT Bus Service Suspended

Peshawar BRT Bus Service SuspendedRead here a latest news that بی آر ٹی بس Bus Rapid Transit Peshawar BRT bus service suspended temporarily due to having several fire in the buses. I has been said by Spokesperson of BRT bus that BRT Bus Service Peshawar will be run when inspection will be completed. Peshawar BRT bus service suspended that there have been so many incident of Fire happended in the BRT Peshawar Bus it can take the life of innocent passengers. پشاور میٹرو بس سروس بند کر دی گئی۔ To spokesperson Chinese team will insepect fire case in BRT buses. See here BRT Peshawar route map ticket price, how many stations and  BRT introduction. BRT is high quality bus based on system Transit.

Peshawar BRT Bus Service SuspendedPeshawar BRT bus service suspended Banned Tamporarly

Breaking News: پشاور بی آر ٹی بس سروس Bus Rapid Transit Peshawar BRT bus service suspended due to fire case happened in BRT Peshawar Buses. Read here latest Peshawar BRT Updates that BRT Peshawar Bus has been suspended banned tamporarly due fire case happened in the bus BRT.

  • What is BRT Peshawar?
  • BRT stand for: Bus Rapid Transit
  • BRT Bus Peshawar twitter: @PeshawarBRT
  • How many stations are there in BRT Station: 31 stations
  • What BRT Means: Bus Rapid Transit (High quality bus service at Peshawar)
  • BRT Peshawar ticket price: Check on this site

Peshawar BRT Bus Service SuspendedBus Rapid Transit Peshawar BRT bus service suspended banned tamporarly due to fire case happened several time in the bus which can cause any danger to human life. This is BRT Peshawar updates 2020 is being given to you. So many times Rescue 1122 was called for help to distinguish fire in BRT Bus Peshawar. پشاور میٹرو بی آر ٹی بس سروس  Peshawar Metro Bys service has been suspended closed. Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit suspended closed temporarily it will be restored after successfully inspection and investigation.