Petrol And Diesel Prices, Oil Prices, Petroleum In Pakistan 2020

Petrol Prices Updates in Pakistan 2020

Petrol is the most using product in the world so many types of machinery like a motorbike, buses, cars, generator, engines, machinery etc run with petrol oil. So according to the passage rising and fall economy of Pakistan, petrol prices in Pakistan also ups and downs. A few days ago OGRA ( Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority Pakistan revised the prices, prices of Diesel, Prices of Light Diesel, Prices of Kerosene oil and so many other petroleum products of petrol fuel prices in Pakistan. Pakistan petrol diesel price has now updated here.

Diesel price in Pakistan

Petrol and Diesel Rate Updates in PakistanUPs and downs in petrol, diesel, light diesel and kerosene oil rise and fall on a monthly basis it depends on the economy of Pakistan. So OGRA submitted a recommendation to increase prices of diesel and light diesel oil called LDO by RS:2.47 & RS: 1.1 a litre respectively. Furthermore, prices of Kerosene and Prices of Petrol in Pakistan reduced RS:0.06 & RS: 0.66 respectively. You will see petrol price in Pakistan today.

Here we see the new/current princes of Diesel, Light / High-Speed diesel, Kerosene oil (LDO) petrol prices in Pakistan which were approved by OGRA for the month of February 2020. Petrol is mostly being used in transport vehicles.

Diesel price in Pakistan today

Let us here we see the petrol price in Pakistan today, Pakistan petrol price today in rupees, the petrol price in Pakistan today per litre, diesel price in Pakistan, diesel rate in Pakistan, 

Premium (Super)Rs. 116.6 /Ltr
Kerosene OilRs. 99.45 /Ltr
High-Speed DieselRs. 127.26 /Ltr
Light Speed DieselRs. 84.51 /Ltr

Make / Use of Petrol

Petrol and Diesel Rate Updates in PakistanIf we come to know what is petrol and how it is made by so it has come to know that petrol is a mixture and consolidate/ combination of flammable liquid. It is not only being used for the purposes of automobiles but also used in cooking food items, to produce electricity. The raw material of it is being used in detergents dish wash, cosmetics and also used in all daily products.

From Where We Acquire Petrol

Petrol Prices Updates in PakistanNow the question is this that how do we get petrol it is pumped out / carry out from the surface of the earth so petroleum product is a by-product of petrol it has dark liquid substances that are extracted beneath the surface of the earth. Petrol is available in excessive form than compared to other energy sources. itis also the most efficient and effective for transport vehicles. Petrol price in Pakistan increases daily basis.

Types Of Petroleum Products

Here we will see the types of petroleum which has enlisted under:

  1. Methane
  2. Kerosene
  3. Diesel
  4. Gasoline
  5. Light Diesel
  6. High-Speed Diesel
  7. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
  8. LPG
  9. Butane
  10. Liquid Petroleum Gas
How to Protect ourselves / our property from Petrol/Diesel Fire

Petrol Diesel Fire DistinguishIf you see fire burnt in petrol or diesel so you must use DCP Dri Chemical Powder cylinder to distinguish the petrol or diesel fire or AFFF Cylandir (Aqua Film Fare Foam Cylinder) it has made especially for diesel and petrol fire.  DCP Cylinder can be used all types of fire, electric fire, kitchen fire, diesel fire, Wooden, Clothes etc fire, CNG fire.