PIA Airline Crashed at Karachi Video, Report, Fake License

PIA Airline Crashed in Karachi Today Video ViralThis is very sad, Miserable and depressing news that a Pakistani International Airline (PIA) has crashed at Karachi on dated 22nd May 2020 (28th Ramadan ul Mubarak). This is very sad and unacceptable news that almost 60 passengers were died during crash PIA Airline crashed at Karachi. PIA airlines was traveling from Lahore to Karachi. Before landing at Karachi Airport PIA air lines crashed in the street. It is said that 2 to 3 days are required to clean and put crashed air lines. It has been reported by Federal Minister Aviation Ghulam Sarwar that PIA Pilots have fake and bogus license. 

PIA Airline Crashed in Karachi Today Video Viral

PIA Airline Crashed in Karachi Today Video ViralPakistani International Airline (PIA) was moving Lahore to Karachi holding 99 Passengers. It is said that we will talk to families of martyred peoples/passengers and passengers will be stayed at Hotel Karachi. Spokesman health Department: That 60 passengers were martyred out of 99 Passengers at PIA crashed incident at Karachi. When PIA pilot tried to land down so Eeroplane started to tremble. You can also see here PIA crash research report presented by Federal Minister Ghulam Sarwer. 

PIA Pilots Fake License News

20 Martyred Passengers were recognized by their families. In Karachi PIA crashed dead bodies of 60 passengers were shifted to Jinnah Hospital Karachi and 32 dead bodies were shifted to Civil Hospital Karachi and total 92 passengers were martyred at Karachi PIA Crashed.

ePIA Airline Crashed in Karachi Today Video ViralAccording to Passenger Muhammad Zubair that Pilot lands Airlines second time but failed. All Passengers started to recite Kalma Shareef. Pilot said i am going to land but in between 2 to 3 minutes airlines crashed.

PIA Crashed Research Report

Federal Minister Ghulam Sarwer has presented report to PM Pakistan Imran Khan regarding PIA Crashed at Karachi on 22 May 2020. It was said in the report that only Pilot and Air Traffic Controller are responsible for the crash of PIA Pakistan Airlines. Due to Fake License of PIA Airlines Pilots, airlines has crashed.

PIA Airline Crashed in Karachi Today Video Viral