PM Ehsaas Income Programme 2020

Ehsaas Amdan Programme

Poor people’s friend’s programs of New Pakistan has been inaugurated by the PM Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on dated 21st Feb 2020. The sole motive of this program is merely to help, aid and stand up the poor peoples on their feet from all walks of life. To help them to start their own business, shops, and livelihood by fair manners. This program is called the Ehsaas Income (Amdan) program who will create jobs & livelihoods for the poor peoples of Pakistan. This program has been established by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on dated 21-02-2020.

Ehsaas Amdan Programme 2020To complete Ehsaas Income (Amdan) program up to 15 Billion PKR Rupees have been fixed in the budget in which to provide assets comprising on livestock like Cows, Buffaloes, poultry & Goats, etc to the poor people of Pakistan. 2ndly to provide agricultural inputs, inputs for small retail outlets  & enterprises to the deserving. 3rdly to provide Ching-chi Rikshaw’s body in these programs of Ehsaas Amdani programs was established/inaugurated only to promote and enhance the poor people/nations of Pakistan’s country. This program will remain to continue four years this program was completed in the year 2023.

PM Ehsaas Income Programme 2020It is not fake news it’s a piece of real news in this favor I have also attached news clip to launched of Ehsaas Income (Amdan) program for poor peoples of Pakistan you can see the video/news narrating about launching the Ehsaas Income (Amdan) program by PM Pakistan Imran Khan on dated 21st February 2020. This program will be commencing in 23 poorest districts, 4 provinces of Pakistan and 375 rural union councils. It was said by the PM of Pakistan that these programs would be started first in Layyah District of Punjab because Layyah District of Punjab is the poorest district.