PM Nawaz Sharif vows to overcome energy crisis


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has placed the country’s crippling energy crisis on the top of his government’s priority list and announced that load shedding will be phased out every month starting very soon.


“Hopefully, down the line, neither (electric) fans will stop working not the (factories) chimneys spewing smoke” said Shairf while presiding over an Energy Conference at State Guest House here.


Addressing the participants he said that government would spin into action from Frdiay to resolve the circular debt issue.


“A strategy to break the vicious cycle of circular debt once and for all will be put into action by tomorrow”, said Sharif.


Prime Minister also said that the malfunctioning hardware as well as the incompetent operators at different power plants would be replaced, adding lists of all those who had so far been found sleeping on their jobs were already on the concerned authorities tables.


The government was bent on ensuring a marked reduction in load shedding for domestic as well as commercial consumers especially industries, said Nawaz Sharif.


The Prime Minister also directed the concerned departments to switch on all those power plants, which were lying idle owing to non-supply of fuel and follow a uniform policy for the distribution of gas and power.

Sources by: thenews