Prize Bond Draw schedule 2020

I am sharing the Prize Bond Draw schedule 2020 for you to set the whole year plan for Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1500, Rs. 7500, Rs. 15000, Rs. 25000 and Rs. 40000 when and on what date you can check your prize bond according to dates and cities. The Central Directorate of National Savings of Pakistan is declared the Pakistan National Savings Prize Bond Draw Schedule from January to December 2020. Presently You can download the content and authority plan download.Prize bond Draw schedule 2020

The people who have PB seem to worry about the draw schedule of the Prize bond. Here you can find out Prize Bond Draw schedule 2020 at Now you can easily check out date & time and also a city of particular draw schedule for the year 2020 Prize Bond. Prize bond is considered as it is the only source for saving and enhancing the money at

home. So many people of Pakistan have a prize bond at their home to get benefit from the prize bond lucky draws. Govt provides so many prizes against these prize bonds every month.

Prize Bonds Schedule 2020 In Pakistan

This schedule for valid from Jan 2020 to Dec 2020. All prize bonds like 100, 200, 750, 1500, 15000, 25000, 40,000, etc. draw list is available in the below-attached list.

The historical backdrop of National Savings Organization goes back to the year 1873 when the Government Savings Bank Act, 1873 was proclaimed. Amid the principal world war, the British Government presented a few Schemes for gathering of assets to meet the use.

پرائز بانڈ ڈرا شیڈول 2020

Representatives of the Prize Bond Company are favored from the individual accomplice, FEXCO is in charge of the organization, whilst A Post is in charge of bookkeeping and showcasing notwithstanding leading the draws. You can download Prize bond Draw Schedule for 2020 on scoopak here. Here is the National Saving Prize bond Draw Schedule lists 2020 free for you…

National Savings Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2020 whole year

S No.Prize BondDraw#Draw  DateDayCity
1Rs.15000/-81January, 02 2020ThursdayQuetta
2Rs.750/-81January, 15 2020WednesdayKarachi
3R.7500/-81February, 03 2020MondayHyderabad
4Rs.25000/-32February, 03 2020MondayFaisalabad
5Rs.1500/-81February, 17 2020MondayRawalpindi
6Rs.100/-29February, 17 2020MondayPeshawar
7Rs.40,000 Premium12March, 02 2020MondayMultan
8Rs.200/-81March, 16 2020MondayMuzaffarabad
9Rs.15000/-82April, 01 2020WednesdayFaisalabad
10Rs.750/-82April, 15 2020WednesdayHyderabad
11Rs.7500/-82May, 04 2020MondayPeshawar
12Rs.25000/-33May, 04 2020MondayRawalpindi
13Rs.1500/-82May, 15 2020FridayMuzaffarabad
14Rs.100/-30May, 15 2020FridayLahore
15Rs.40,000 Premium13June, 01 2020MondayKarachi
16Rs.200/-82June, 15 2020MondayQuetta
17Rs.15000/-83July, 02 2020ThursdayHyderabad
18Rs.750/-83July, 15 2020WednesdayMuzaffarabad
19Rs.7500/-83August, 03 2020MondayFaisalabad
20Rs.25000/-34August, 03 2020MondayLahore
21Rs.1500/-83August, 17 2020MondayMultan
22Rs.100/-31August, 17 2020MondayQuetta
23Rs.40000/- Premium14September, 01 2020TuesdayRawalpindi
24Rs.200/-83September, 15 2020TuesdayPeshawar
25Rs.15000/-84October, 01 2020ThursdayMultan
26Rs.750/-84October, 15 2020ThursdayLahore
27Rs.7500/-84November, 02 2020MondayKarachi
28Rs.25000/-35November, 02 2020MondayPeshawar
29Rs.1500/-84November, 16 2020MondayQuetta
30Rs.100/-32November, 16 2020MondayFaisalabad
31Rs.25000/- Premium15December, 10 2020ThursdayHyderabad
32Rs.200/-84December, 15 2020TuesdayRawalpindi

Note: In case draw fall in public holiday (s) the draw will be held on the following working day (s)

 It was in this setting the Post Office Cash Certificates and, amid the second world war, Post Office Prizebond Savings Certificates were drifted. The need to setup a different organization was felt and a National Savings Bureau was set up in 1943-44 as an appended division of the Ministry of Finance of the unified Government of India.

The office was going by National Savings Commissioner with the status of a Joint Secretary. Around then the principle elements of the Savings Department were to start all arrangement matters and issue mandates for the execution of approach choices of the Central Government, and to audit the Savings Schemes every once in a while.  See the Prize Bond Draw schedule 2020 here. 

Here Scoopak is sharing New Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2020 free for your luck to be chosen from any dates of these years. The national savings of Pakistan is the department of Pakistan to fix the dates and held draw of all prize bond like 100 students prize bond, 200, 7500, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000 and 40000 prize bond with the difference of 15 day and two times in a months in all major cities of Pakistan. Every prize bond worth announced 4 times in the year.

The all prize bond has 1700 prizes one is the 1st prize, 3 prizes are for second winner numbers and other 1696 prize are for others to have. But the 100 prizebond have only 1000 prizes. A Prize Bond is a lottery bond, non-enthusiasm bearing security issued for the benefit of the Irish Minister for Finance by the Prize Bond Company Limited. Reserves raised are utilized to balance government getting and are refundable to the security proprietor on interest.

Interest has come back to bond proprietors through prizes which are dispersed by a method for an arbitrary choice of bonds. Prize Bonds are likewise offered in Pakistan,[ by the Ministry of Finance, and in the UK, under the name Premium Bonds. The Prize Bond Company is a joint endeavor between the authors, The organization was made in 1989 with issued offer capital between the authors of half each and will work the plan under its present (starting 2011) contract until the end of 2020. The National Savings Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2020 whole year will reveal the full draw lists and draw for you.

National Savings Prize Bond Draw Schedule whole year from January to December 2020

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