Punjab Assembly Budget 2013-14 Complete Detailed

Punjab Assembly Budget 2013-14  Complete Detailed 

Punjab Assembly Budget 2013-14 Complete Details and Latest Analysis. Watch 2013-14 Punjab Budget Complete. Watch Punjab Provincial assembly Budget 2013-14. Punjab Assembly Complete Budget The PML-N government is ready in Punjab Assembly on Monday to present budget for the year 2013-2014 with the total amount of Rs 860 billion. Rs 260 billion have reserved for the development with special focus for the youth.

The government will announce 15 percent increase in the salary of public sector employees, Punjab government has a pressure about the employees. For the laptop schemes 125000 have been reserved. Other schemes like Dainsh schools, Yellow cab scheme, green tractor scheme, Ramadan subsidy package and youth festival would get their amount in the budget. Speaker of Punjab Assembly Rana Muhammad Iqbal will do the presided the assembly session, session scheduled to begin at 4:30 pm.

Finance Minister Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman will present the budget for the next year. Some sources reported that Punjab Government wants power production by cheaper means, including sugarcane bagasse at round 75 mills and will use the coal as hydel power. Punjab Assembly  has announced plans for Education and health services. Punjab provincial government has allocated plenty of resources for the education in its previous term and now again prioritize education and provision of health services for the people of this area.

Punjab Provincial Government not only tried to resolve current crises situation but also tried their best to resolve long term issues and have made suitable plans to address education, health, energy, terrorism, security and other major challenges encountered to new Government.

To address Energy Crises on urgent basis, Punjab Government has made plans to produce electricity by way of use of Bagasse-Based power Generation Projects. On long term basis in addition to it, Coal Power Energy plans, Thermal Energy plans and small hydel power projects on Canals are also set to implement on five years basis. Special privileges have been announced for Private sector to encourage investments and to maximize use of internal resources. This would speed up the process of economic progress in the country as said by Chief Minister of Punjab.

The budget is looking quite different from budgets of previous terms. It would also be a challenge for the administration of Punjab Province also when central and provincial Government is led by the same party. During last five years, there was a blame exercise by Punjab Government on Central Government and by Central Government on Punjab Government. But now situation is different and now responsibility would be on single party ie. on PMLN.