Remdesivir Drug for COVID-19 in Pakistan

This is a big news for the people of Pakistan that in a very few days Pakistan Government will announce antiviral drug Remdesivir Drug for COVID-19 in Pakistan to fight / cope with COVID-19 patients. Remdesivir drug is being commenced by Pakistan within few weeks this antiviral drug Remdesivir will be export and antiviral drug Remdesivir can fight coronavirus patients in Pakistan.

Remdesivir Drug for COVID-19 in Pakistan

You will be amazed/worried that what is the role of antiviral drug Remdesivir in the treatment of Coronavirus COVID-19 so answer is this that antiviral drug Remdesivir is best treatment for respiratory disease in human body which is caused by Corona virus.

Antiviral Drug Remdesivir Drug for Covid-19 in Pakistan 

Islamabad: (Firday) This information has come to knowledge that According to the Remdesivir wikipedia Remdesivir is an antiviral drug which treats for respiratory distress. According to the latest statistics it is said that Corona virus has spread all over the world and it had killed more than 30,6000 people across the world and more than 45 Lac peoples world wildly were affected by COVID-19. Remdesivir Drug for Covid-19 in Pakistan

Owing to this current critical satucation by COVID-19 all world is worry about Coronavirus and beasuy to find the treatment of COVID-19 but iaccording to the latest report that Remdesivir Drug for COVID-19 is being produced / experimented in Pakistan and it will be exported to others countries.

Remdesivir Drug for COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 there more than 37 thousands people of Pakistan have affected by Corona virus and more than 800 peoples were dead to up till now. So antiviral Remdesivir Drug for would be treated for COVID-19 in Pakistan and this Remdesivir drugs would also be exported very soon.