How to Remove Autorun.inf Virus

Autorun.inf remover

There are so many kinds of viruses at this time, Autorun.inf is one of them. Have you ever noticed that some times you antivirus detect a virus named Autorun.inf, mostly when you attach USB or pen drive with you PC. This virus may be harmful for your computer and can infect important files. You must remove this virus from your computer. Today I will describe how to remove Autorun.inf virus from your computer? I have tried my best to make it easy for you. I hope you will understand easily. If you find any problem or have any other idea, please discuss it in comments.
First of all you must know that your computer is infected with Autorun.inf virus or not? Follow these steps to check:

  1. Go to My Computer
  2. Right click on C Drive
  3. If you see an option “play”, it means your computer is infected with Autorun.inf Virus.

How to remove Autorun.inf virus from your computer?

Follow these steps to remove Autorun.inf virus completely from your computer to protect files.

By using window utility, disable CD, DVD or USB Autorun as suggested bellow

  • Click start.
  • Go to “Run”.
  • Type “GPEDIT.MSC” to open group policy editor window.
  • Expand “Computer Configuration” (on left side panel).
  • Go to “Administrative Templates”.
  • Go to “System”.
  • Locate the “turn auto play off” panel (at right side)
  • “Enable” that (by double click).
  • Open winrar.exe (If you don’t have WinRAR installed on your computer, you can download it from any software site. It’s free to use)
  • Use WinRAR explorer and browse for drive infected by the Autorun.inf.
  • Hidden files are shown under WinRAR explorer.
  • Find the Autorun.inf file and open it with notepad.
  • In the Autorun.inf file you will see .exe file mentioned.
  • This .exe file is main offender. Please note the name of that .exe file and close the notepad window.
  • Search the .exe file you found in Autorun.inf contained by the  infected drive and delete it with Autorun.inf.
  • Restart you computer.

Now your computer is free of virus. The process can be used to remove Autorun.inf from a USB or pen drive.