Cool & Romantic Good night text SMS Messages

This is post about new Cool & Romantic good Tight text SMS Messages for the lovers looking to send mobile messages in the end of the day. Before they close their unique sight and call it every day, tell them that they are in the cardio and mind, you are thinking of them while you go to bed. If you aren’t close with phrase, I would ike to let you come up with the most perfect and Sweet Goodnight sms information for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Here are some examples of goodnight prefer texting that one may incorporate. Cool & Romantic Good night text SMS Messages

Latest Cool & Romantic good night Text SMS Messages

I Adore The Mix Of Light And Darkness, While The Night Atmosphere

With  A Nice Taste Of Calmness And Delight

Thinking Of You Now, With So Love That Is Much Want To Share

And Wish You’ve Got A Good And Hot Night!


Before I Say Good Night,

I’ll Make A Want You.

You Are Hoped By Me Simply Don’t Fantasy,

But They Are Seen By You Coming True.

And If There Are Hard Times To Face,

I Will Continually Be With You.

Good My Dearest Night!

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ As  You Receive This Night Message That Is Good

My Prayers Must Have Reached Above,

Angels Must  Be There To Guard You Through The Evening.

Rest Like An Infant,

And Dream Of Me.

Night Good!


Another Has Gone By Day,

Time Just Appears To Travel

We Can’t Really Say Hi,

Since It’s Time For You To Say You Goodbye,

And Want Goodnight.


If The Moon Is Winking At You At  Night,

We Wish Exciting And Sweet Fantasies Hug You Tight,

Hope Your Was Fabulous Day, However Now I Wish You A Good Evening!


One Day There Would Be You On My Bed.

One Day I’ll Smell Your Scent That Is Sweet Throughout Evening.

One Time You Will End Up There To Cuddle Instead Of Teddy.

One You Will Kiss Me Before My Eyes Close Day.

One Day All This Should Come True,

That Day We Are Ours In Lifetime Through…

Good My Sweetheart Night.

I Love You.


In Sleep We Ought To Be Apart, My Love,

But Be Assured For I Will Dream Of You Till We Meet Again.

Goodnight, Darling.


Cute Goodnight Texts for Her

Goodnight my love, parting is such sweet sorrow. This is another nice and poetic goodnight text.

I can feel in my heart that you are my one true love. Tell this to your significant other before going to bed and they will swoon.


Even In My Dreams That Are Wildest

I Really Could Never Ever Imagine A Love As Sweet As Yours.

So Tonight As I Close My Eyes,

I Dream Of The When I Can See You Again Morning

Because Nothing In My Own Imagination Will Ever Come Near

Towards The Reality Of Your Embrace.


My Bed Is Lonely Without Your Tender Embrace.

I Long To Be With You; Even While My Own Body Is Sleeping,

My Mind Wanders To Your Side.

Goodnight, Sweet Angel.


As The Darkness Associated With Covers My Mind And Body Like A Blanket Night,

Your Memory Is Similar To The Moon That Shines Above Me,

Keeping Me Personally Company Through The Night.


You Are The Queen Of My Heart,

And Every Pulse That Beats Within Me Personally Beats Limited To You. Even  In The Dark Of The Night,

Your Radiance Outshines The Stars.


Before You Go To Bed I Just Want You To Definitely Somewhere Know That Out There

Someone Is Thinking About You. A Person  Who Loves And Misses You.

Goodnight And Dreams That Are Sweet.


Close Ur Eyes & Imagine : Chand Ka Bed, Taaron Ki Razai Aur Phoolon Ka Takiya! Bahot Ho Gaya Swweet Aspirations. Now Come Right Back 2 Earth & Sleep On Ur Khatia. Gud Nite.