Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch will be Powored by Tizen?

Galaxy Gear 2 to be a complete redesign

One of the main criticisms of the Galaxy Gear smart watch was a poor design. Samsung is looking to tackle that with the Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch as it is undergoing a complete redesign. The news comes from Korean Media which claims Samsung is removing all the parts which look conformist.

The Galaxy Gear 2 will be a slimmer affair with a flexible OLED display. The same sources are claiming the smartwatch will be unveiled in March ready for an April release date. Could that be coming alongside the Galaxy S5? It’s looking pretty likely and previous rumours have suggested as much.

Even if the devices don’t come together they will be released within close proximity, meaning you could probably pick up a new smartwatch alongside your brand new Samsung flagshipsmartphone.

The original Galaxy Gear smartwatch was a big step for the company but it had quite a few flaws such as poor battery life. Hopefully the company isn’t just focusing on the physical design of the watch and will update the battery, as well as including better software. Plus there’s a  load more competition in the smartwatch market now, so the Galaxy Gear 2 will have to be impressive.

Samsung executive confirms Galaxy Gear 2 scheduled to arrive alongside Galaxy S5 in March/April

A senior Samsung executive has officially let the cat out of the bag regarding the company’s Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy S5 plans.

Samsung’s mobile chief, Lee Young Hee, told Bloomberg that the new smartwatch would indeed arrive alongside the successor Galaxy S5 smartphone flagship.

Hee also confirmed that the pair would be released “around March and April”, suggesting the rumours of a MWC 2014 announcement in Barcelona this February is a high possibility.

The Galaxy Gear 2 won’t be as chunky as its predecessor and will expand on the existing sensor suite with the ability to monitor heart rate, stress and calories, according to Hee.

Samsung planning to launch Galaxy Gear 2 alongside Galaxy S5 in early 2014

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch successor will launch alongside the Galaxy S5 flagship, according to reports.

Word from Korean news publication ETNews, reveals that Samsung is planning to ship its Galaxy S5 flagship at the end of February or the beginning of March alongside the Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch.

Rumours suggest the Galaxy Gear 2 will be slimmer by around 15-20% according to an unnamed Samsung executive.

It’s thought that the Galaxy S5 will arrive with Android 4.4 KitKat onboard, suggesting the Galaxy Gear 2 will be capable of pairing with KitKat-based Galaxy phones.

However, it’s not clear whether it will be backwards compatible with devices on Jelly Bean 4.3. The current Galaxy Gear requires that a phone has Jelly Bean 4.3 to pair it, as this uses the necessaryBluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

Samsung reveals Galaxy Gear compatibility plans for existing Galaxy handsets

Samsung has announced its plans to make the Galaxy Gear smartwatch compatible with a selection of its existing Galaxy handsets.

The compatibility goes hand-in-hand with Samsung’s Android 4.3 update schedule as connecting between the Galaxy Gear and another device requires Bluetooth 4.0 LE (low energy), something which is introduced byAndroid 4.3.

Unsurprisingly, the Samsung Galaxy S4 flagship is first in-line to get compatibility enabled with Samsung preparing an update to arrive “by next month,” according to the company’s president of strategic marketing, Lee Don-joo.

He also added that the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 will be patched with Android 4.3 and Galaxy Gear compatibility by the end of December 2013.

Samsung launches Galaxy Gear

Samsung today became the first major tech company (bar Sony and Moto, but don’t tell Samsung that) to launch a smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear.

With a 2.5 inch OLED touch display, voice control, a dual-core processor and running Android 4.3 the company has, in the words of BGR, fired the first shot in the smartwatch wars.

The watch will connect to an Android smartphone via Bluetooth and has a touchscreen display. It is around the size of a regular watch and has a camera,

While Samsung said they believed the Galaxy Gear will become a “new fashion icon around the world” others aren’t as convinced by the trend.

Vince Arneja, VP Product Management at Arxan Technologies said the Galaxy Gear is “in essence another example of a connected device and therefore will be subject to similar hacks and attacks we’ve seen recently on mobile devices, tablets, automobiles, appliances, etc.  If the smartwatch or other wearable technologies take off with consumers then we’re likely to see a very similar pattern of adoption that occurred with mobile within the Enterprise.”

The watch will be released on 25 September and available worldwide by October.

‘As a gadget and a fashion statement, the Gear has a bright short term future. In line with Samsung’s recent hardware run of form, it looks simple, sexy and desirable and it’s fair to assume a fair few will find themselves under the Christmas tree this year. There will be pretty immediate responses in the pipeline from the other big ecosystem players. In the short term a lot of the battle will fought over physical design and compatibility with existing devices and data. With this sleek design and an ascendant Android OS behind them Samsung look in a good position to make a strong early play,’ said Matthew Hook, Chief Strategy Officer at global media agency Carat.

Hook added: ‘The last few years, and particular the success of the tablet, has shown that people will adopt pretty much any technology that gives them more access to their most important data, more control over their needs and is easy to use. This puts the Gear in a strong position to prosper, though this may depend on apparently more trivial factors such as the user interface and the battery life. If it’s at all difficult to use, it will go in the bottom draw and get forgotten. One day of battery life means that if you forget to put it on charge, you won’t be able to use it the next day, and then the habit is broken. This will be an important battleground.’

Apple is expected to follow suit and release a competitor smartwatch by 2014, while Google has also been exploring wearable technology. Sony – never one to miss a trick – has already launched its SmartWatch2 although it won’t get a release until later on in September. Other notable wrist-based smartwatches already available include the Pebble and Motorola’s MOTOACTV.