Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Today i thought to write about new technology. When the word technology comes, how can i forget Samsung?

Samsungis giving its latest Galaxy Note smartphone a classy makeover. The Galaxy Note 3, disclosed Wednesday, has a soft, leather-like back. It appears like you are holding a flowery leather-bound journal. Grooves on the aspect of the big-screen phone build it easier to grip.

But I found the new phone to be sophisticated to use. there is an excessive amount of happening. Between album, My Magazine, Air Command and dozens of alternative functions, it’d take even the foremost skilled smartphone user many hours to work out.

I tested out the Note 3 for concerning forty five minutes Wednesday at a Samsung press event in a very the big apple building. the corporate additionally disclosed its next pill, the Galaxy Note 10.1, that is essentially Associate in Nursing extra-large version of the Galaxy phone, however while not the mobile property. The phone and its pen were each tied all the way down to a table with a security device, thus i used to be hampered testing it out. A colleague spent many minutes with the pilland was likewise hampered.

But I saw enough of the Note 3 to a minimum of like its look and feel. With its leather-like back and also the handicraft around it, the phone feels overpriced and well created in my hands. The soft back will be snapped off the phone to reveal the battery. Samsung can sell standardized back covers in many totally different colors, however the phone itself can are available simply three: black, white or pink.

The Note 3 contains a larger screen than its forerunner, activity 5.7 in (14.5cm) diagonally compared with the Note 2’s 5.5 in (14cm). however it weighs less (167 grams compared with 182 grams) and is slightly agent at 0.33 in (8.4mm) instead of 0.37 in (9.4mm). In end i would like to say thanks to all the readers.