Samsung has come up with a system of iris scan stunning!

Forgot your security system on the iPhone 5S to me because it comes with Samsung’s innovative system, with the system. Iris Identification Technology or iris scan to confirm the identity on smartphones!

Many of you may be excited about. TouchID which is security on smart phones. iPhone 5S with fingerprint scanner Even if Apple is not the first company to use this system is the first (. , the first is Motorola Atrix 4G ), but Apple is said This is a new milestone in the importance of security. Mobile phone and after that HTC has a smart phone that uses fingerprint security is issued. HTC Max One

Recent Patent Bolt reported that Samsung has incorporated technology Iris Identification or iris scan to confirm the identity. It is expected that Samsung will bring this technology to portable devices such as smart phones or tablet in the future. It may be the Samsung Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4 to be launched next year.

Advantage of the superior iris scan, fingerprint scan. TouchID of Apple ‘s the first Retina of us is unique than fingerprints. This means that Making fake iris is harder to destroy fingerprints, iris scans and fake second is faster and easier It only takes less than 2 seconds. Although glasses Or contact lenses can be used. But the fingerprint is not achieved if the glove.

However, Iris scan technology is very expensive. If used on a smart phone really. Knowing that prices will spike to me. Including the iris scan. Need to do in a situation that is light enough. By Samsung may be used to enhance the system to emit infrared radiation or other retinal scanning system. And this system may not be available to people with all types retina with retinal pigment melanin is not enough. Probably not

Finally, to see that the tracking system, fingerprint scans. Apple or scan the iris of the Samsung one is cooler than I like it more huh.