Samsung Smartphones Comming with New Operating system Named Tizen

Although Samsung is a manufacturer of Android OS devices of the world, but it is reported that Samsung itself will produce a smart phone that comes with an operating system of its own called Tizen OS, has teamed up with partners to 36 companies and. Mozilla is the latest to join hands with it.

Recently, Samsung has announced its cooperation with partner companies. 36th Company For example, eBay, Konami, McAfee, Panasonic, Sharp, and TrendMicro. etc. In order to accommodate the new operating system. Samsung called Tizen

Recent ZDNet Korea reports, interviews with executives Samsung named Wonsuk Lee saidCurrently, Samsung is close to agreement with. Mozilla to build relationships between the Tizen OSand Firefox OS  of Mozilla by a point to reconnect it. Both operating systems were developed to support. HTML5 , enabling the development of applications Or value added services It may sharing

The date of the official launch. Tizen OS is Wonsuk Lee said that will be launched in the first half of the year. 2,014 to

Need to see that Tizen OS from Samsung to transcend Android OS or even iOS have?