Samsung started producing bigger screen Galaxy S5 and S4 resolution 2k!?

News like this would satisfy mobile big screen because it sources from Korea now say that Samsung started producing screen for Samsung Galaxy S5 by a larger than S4!


Website DDaily reported that Samsung started to run the production screen for the smartphone family Galaxy S generation by the AMOLED screen 5.25 inches larger than the screen used on the Galaxy S4 with 5-inch resolution. Full HD

However, sources did not specify the screen resolution is. But rumors of the past believed that Samsung will use a screen resolution of Full HD is the 2K WQHD 2560 × 1440 (560 ppi) and sort seed pixel is a combination of the new shape of diamond to make the pixels. Rams tight than It is considered as the next level of mobile screen in the next generation.

The specification Samsung Galaxy S5 rumored to come with RAM 3GB, 16-megapixel camera, CPU Quad-Core Snapdragon 800 or 805, or 64-bit CPU Exynos technology generation.