Sanyo Innuendo (Boost Mobile)

The Sanyo Innuendo has been around for quite a while, but this is the first time we’re taking a look at it on Boost. Not much has changed in the feature phone world over the last few years, so this phone still holds its own when compared with newer options like the LG Rumor Reflex and the Samsung Array.

We reviewed the Sanyo Innuendo back on Sprint a couple of years ago, and this model is virtually identical. The only real difference is that here it comes loaded with Boost wallpaper and includes options for refilling and managing your account. See our slideshow and review of the phone on Sprint for a lot more detail on its unique design, features, and performance. Here we’re going to highlight pricing and comparisons on Boost.

Pricing and Conclusions
Unlimited talk, text, and data plans start at just $50 per month on Boost, and you don’t even need to sign a contract. Better yet, for every six months you pay your bill on time, your monthly fee reduces by $5, until you reach $35 per month. That’s about as cheap as unlimited talk and texting gets. You won’t have much opportunity to put that unlimited data to use with the Innuendo’s slow, dated Web browser, but that’s still a great price if you’re only talking and texting.

Boost also offers daily unlimited plans for $2 a day, or you can pay as you go at $0.20 per minute or per text message. So no matter how you plan to use this phone, it’s a very good value.

The Sanyo Innuendo may be old, but it has aged pretty well for a feature phone. If your primary concerns are talking and texting, it remains a solid choice. The Samsung Array has a more traditional slider design, but is otherwise quite similar to the Innuendo in terms of features. And if it’s media you’re after, your best bet is the LG Rumor Reflex, which has a standard headphone jack and good audio file support, as well as limited video playback. The Motorola Theory is another good choice, as long as you like the BlackBerry-style slab design. Just keep in mind that, even an older smartphone like the inexpensive, keyboardedSamsung Transform Ultra will expand your feature set dramatically, and monthly plans cost just $5 more per month.