Saudi Airlines opens Domestic & International Flights on 1st June 2020

Here you are reading latest news of the day that Saudi Airlines is going to open booking for domestic flights. Saudi Airlines will open domestic flights on 1st June 2020 (01-06-2020) for the welfare of the citizen of Pakistan. This information is also spreading on social media that International flights are going to be booked/opened on 1st September 2020 (01-09-2020).

Saudi Airlines opens Domestic & International Flights on 1st June 2020

Saudi Airlines opens Domestic Flights on 1st June 2020

As it is said that COVID-19 triage, COVID system to prevent Coronavirus in airports and airlines this system was established and implemented by (CAA) Civil Aviation Authority.

Abu Dhabi (Dubai): It was said by Saudi Airlines Company that they are going to book / open domestic & International Airlines very soon in the next coming weeks. Domestic Airlines booking will be open on June 1, 2020 and International Airlines booking will be opened on 01-09-2020. Also read here Corona cases in Pakistan.

Saudi Airlines opens International Flights on 01-09-2020 

As we know that due to Coronavirus All airlines, buses, taxis and trains and also local transport was suspended to cope with untoward situation by COVID-19 across all country. Now Saudi Airlines has decided to open domestic and international airlines on 01-06-2020 and 01-09-2020.


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