Saudi Arabia Umrah Resumes

Saudi Arabia Umrah ResumesSaudi Press Agency has reported that Saudia Arabia to gradually resumes Umrah packages for pilgrimages for all the Muslims of the world. Due to COVID 19 Umrah and Hajj packages were stopped temporarily but now the circumstances have getton normal condition.  عمرہ And Saudi Arabia Umrah packages 2020 has been started. To perform Umrah and Hajj is an Islamic obligation for all the Muslims in the world. During Umrah Pilgrimages visit all holy Place from Mecca to Medina Shareef (Makkah to Madina). عمرہ پیکج  Umrah packages are being started from 4th October 2020 after 7 months temporary stopped due to Corona Virus 19.

Saudi Arabia Umrah

Umrah packages and offers has been gradually started by the King of Saudia Arabia Shah Suleman and Faisal Shah Suleman. The pilgrimages travell from Mecca to Madina مکہ اور مدینہ سعودی عرابیہ . This is a big and greatest news for all the Muslims of the world oppening Umrah on dated 04-10-2020 by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

خوشخبری: سعودی حکومت 4 اکتوبر 2020 بروز اتوار سے عمرہ پیکج شروع کر رہی ہے۔۔۔

In the last year 19 Millions peoples had performed Umrah. Umrah is an Islamic pilgrimages which can be offered any time in a year.

Read this: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has revealed that now Saudi Government will allow to 6009 local citizens to perform Umrah daily basis. It has also announced that during Performing Umrah Panademic Covid 19 precautionary measurement and SOPs will be followed by every Pilgrimages at Suidi Arabia (S.A).

Read This: Saudi Arabia News: Strength of Pilgrimages will be expanded increased to 70% 18/10/2020. It is said more that on starting on 01/11/2020 Umrah Pilgrimages capacity will be allowed 100% with the decreasing COVID satuation in the country. How many days do you need for Umrah? read this There are need of only 2 days to perform Umrah.

Saudi Arabia News

Read This: Is Suadi Arabia open for Umrah? See the Umrah Visa update Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Health Centres has also reported that no any Panademic Covid 19 patient was reported during Performing Hujj 2020 that is grand news. عمرہ و حج سعودی عرب Minister of Hajj and Umrah Saudi Arabia has reported that Umrah packages are now being started on 04/10/2020 (Sunday). Now New Umra Visa fees schedule has been announced to all Travell agencies of the world. عمرہ پیکج Umrah Visa without package may also be entertained by Visa Embassy Islamabad Pakistan agency directly.