How to solve Wi-Fi Drops or Not Detected issue in Galaxy s3

Hello guys. Hope you all are fine and enjoyed my previous post about Samsung galaxy note 3. Today i am ging to tell you a hot tip for Samsung Galaxy S3.
Many owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 are not solely pissed off with the delayed humanoid four.3 jelly egg update; they’re additionally enraged by problems like poor reception, short battery life, overtime health problem and additional. If you’re being overrun Galaxy S3 issue, understand the answer right your fingertips.

Issue: Wi-Fi Drops or Not Detected

Some users rumored Wi-Fi property with the Galaxy S3 that could be a common factor among android smartphones. Cause: The Wi-Fi sleep policy could also be active that terminates the association during a specific time. Details from the router like username and password might not be an equivalent or the ISP itself could also be suffering a retardant.

Solution 1: Install Associate in Nursing application referred to as Wi-Fi instrument and check if the matter is caused by the router or your device. Must Read iPhone six eternity ConceptiPhone six unleash Date a Done Deal as Apple Accidentally Hints of approaching Large-Screen iOS Smartphones? iPhone 5C iPhone 5S, 5C unleash Date Aftermath: Apple to withdraw 13M New iPhone Sales by finish of Sept 2013 – Analyst ‘Harry Potter’s’ Emma Watson to Star in ‘Your Voice in My Head”Harry Potter’s’ Emma Watson to Star in ‘Your Voice in My Head’ [PHOTOS] Marshall Matters Watch Video! Eminem realizes Craziest Interview Ever on ESPN;Berzerk Music Video free

Solution 2: head to Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Set “Always” on the Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep.