Zong SMS Packages 2020 Monthly, Weekly, Daily & Hourly

Zong SMS Packages 2020 Monthly, Weekly, Daily & HourlyZong Company working in Pakistan country & providing its offers/ services for the people of Pakistan. Here check some updated Zong SMS Packages 2020 with details and worth (How to subscribe). Peoples of Pakistan desire to purchase a network telecom authority in agreement to execute their expectations and necessities. On the basis of providing best and superb offers & services consumers select and higher telecom companies like ZONG, Ufone, Telenor, Jazz, Warid, and other telecom company. So let’s see here some Zong SMS package code, monthly SMS package Zong, Zong daily SMS package, Zong message package 2020, Zong weekly SMS pkg, Zong monthly SMS package, and Zong weekly SMS package on this page.

Zong SMS Packages 2020 Monthly, Weekly, Daily & Hourly

Pakistani peoples no need to be anxious regarding Zong SMS Packages 2020, calls, and Internet Packages. Scoopak will make available for you providing complete information and specifications regarding Zong SMS packages 2020 etc. I expect that this page will fulfill your need and help you to choose and activate the best Zong Calls package.

We see that all Pakistani Telecom Companies wish to become popular by offering mind-blowing and enjoyable packages. They attract and get others’ attention by giving the latest and reasonable prices packages like Zong SMS packages 2020 are being updated & simplified here. All telecom authorities have to great efforts day & night to sponsor, spread & move forward their services, offers, buckets & packages, etc. Due to this Zong Authority also wants more customers and more visitors.

You should also keep visiting Zong Head Office at Islamabad to get further knowledge/information for your packages.  See here Zong Head Office Address “CMPak Complex, Plot No.47, Kuri Road, National Park Road Chak Shehzad at Islamabad Pakistan”.

Zong UAN Number “ (051) 111-222-11” and Zong company Owner name is “CHINA Mobile”.

Zong Daily SMS Packages 2020

The company offers Zong SMS packages 2020 Daily for peoples of Pakistani. The company provides unlimited Zong Daily SMS packages like Dial= *700# to activate Zong Daily SMS packages 2020 in Rs.3.99/- only. It provides its users SMS= 500 per day, MMS=100 per day, Internet= 1 MB, and 30 MB WhatsApp per day against only Rs.3.99/- PKR.

Zong Daily SMS Package 2020
AmountingSMS OfferMMS OfferMBs / MinWhats appValidationActivation Code
Rs. 3.99/-SMS= 500/day100 MMS/dayInternet= 1 MB30 MB/dayMidnight same dayDial= *700# and reply with 1
Rs. 5/-SMS= 100Internet= 30 MBs1 Day (24 Hrs)Dial= 118*1#
Rs. 8/-SMS= 800Internet= 50 MB+ unlimited on net mins1 Day (24 Hrs)Dial= *999#
Rs. 8/-SMS= 100Internet= 50 MBs +100 On net mints1 Day (24 Hrs)Dial= *2200*1#
Rs. 8/-SMS= 100Internet= 90 free Mins1 Day (24 Hrs)Dial= *369#
Rs. 8/-SMS= 500Internet= 10,000 Free on-net Mins1 Day (24 Hrs)Dial= *666#
Rs. 12/-SMS= 500Internet= 10,000 Free on-net Mins40MB1 Day (24 Hrs)Dial= *118*2#

 Zong Weekly SMS Packages 2020

This telecom company gives also Zong weekly SMS packages 2020.

Dial *702# for subscription Zong SMS Packages Daily in Rs.17/- it gives you SMS=1500, Internet=1 MB, and 200 MBs for Whatsapp validation for 7 days.

Zong Weekly SMS Package 2020
AmountingSMS OfferMMS OfferMBs / MinWhats appValidationActivation Code
Rs. 17/-SMS= 1500Nil1 MB200MB7 Daysdial *702#
Rs. 90/-SMS= 500NilOn-net mins= 500
Off-net= 40
Internet= 500 MBs
Nil7 DaysDial= *7#
Rs.150/-SMS= 700NilOn-net mins= 700
Off-net= 40
Internet= 700 MBs
Nil7 DaysDial= *6464#
Rs. 250/-SMS= 1500NilOn-net mins= 500
Off-net= 100
Internet= 1500 MBs
Nil7 DaysDial= *70#

Zong Monthly SMS Packages 2020

On activation Zong Monthly SMS Packages 2020 it offers its consumers 1000 SMS, 1000 on-net mins, off-net mins=100, and 1000 Internet MBs in Rs. 300/- only for one month. Dial *1000# for subscription this offer.

Zong Monthly SMS Package 2020
AmountingSMS OfferInternet MBs / MinutesWhats App MBsValidationActivation Code
Rs. 50/-SMS= 500Nil30MB30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *705#
Rs. 300/-SMS= 1000On-net mins= 1000
 Off-net= 100
Internet= 1000 MBs
Nil30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *1000#
Rs. 385/-SMS= 2000On-net mins= 2000
 Off-net= 150
Internet= 2000 MBs
Nil30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *6464# > 4 > 2
Rs. 500/-SMS= 1000On-net mins= 1000
 Off-net= 50
Internet= 2500 MBs
Nil30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *1313#
Rs. 615/-SMS= 4000On-net mins= 4000
 Off-net= 300
Internet= 4000 MBs
Nil30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *3030#
Rs. 1000/-SMS= 1500On-net mins= 2000
 Off-net= 150
Internet= 5000 MBs
Nil30 Days (4 Weeks) Dial= *1313#
Rs. 1155/-SMS= 8000On-net mins= 8000
 Off-net= 600
Internet= 10000 MBs
Nil30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *1500#
Rs. 1500/-SMS= 3000On-net mins= 8000
 Off-net= 200
Internet= 8000 MBs
Nil30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *1313#

Zong ZULU SMS Packages 2020

The company offers also some other Zong SMS packages 2020 for its users like Dial *700# to activate 500 SMS/Daily in Rs. 03/- only.

Zong Zulu SMS Bundle
AmountingSMS OfferMMS OfferMBs / MinWhats appValidationActivation Code
Rs. 3/-SMS= 500/dayNil1 MBNilMid night same dayDial= *700#

Visit Zong head office or call at Zong helpline no, when users wish information in detail and they can get details about  Zong SMS packages, calls & Internet. You also must visit ZONG Official Website for more details about this company https://www. zong.com.pk/ link is given here for you. Click at the given link to see its Official Website to have extra and compulsory information in detail for Zong SMS Packages 2020.

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