Sony Launched World Fastest focusing Camera a6000

• AF and Hybrid AF handles focus the world’s fastest one, just 0.06 seconds with accuracy. 
• AF with phase detection covers a wide area, to 179 points. 
• Comes image sensor Exmor ™ APS. Size HD CMOS 24.3 million 
• New Processor BIONZ X processor optimizes image quality at the professional level. And recording Full HD video. 
• compact, lightweight, easy to use with built-in flash. Electronic Viewfinder and Electronic OLED Tru-Finder ™ resolution and high contrast. And 2 buttons to control applications. 
• Supports active connections with both NFC and Wi-Fi Smart Phone to transfer the image. Or use your smartphone as a remote control camera. 
• Fun to use the camera even further with PlayMemories Camera Apps ™.

“Sony Thailand Limited and recommended camera series alfa mirrored stainless latest ILCE-6000 or a6000 comes performance immediacy of AF superior digital camera’s and lenses currently on the market. this Can capture sharp, precise, fast, just .06 seconds without error in every detail.Image sensor and 24.3 megapixel Exmor ™ APS HD CMOS chip and new processor BIONZ X processo.”

A6000 camera with 2 color options are black. Titanium and Silver With its compact size and designAnd lightweight Packed with the latest technology and ensuring the photographers both amateur and professional photography, all shot on a timely basis by the power of the autofocus system, Fast Hybrid AF and has focus. Phase Detection AF coverage up to 179 points, a powerful collaboration of the two systems, this means the camera has the fastest autofocus system. They can shoot continuously at up to 11 frames per second, so it can shoot objects quickly tapping sharp precision. You can also use our Fast Hybrid AF shooting video.

A6000 camera is also featured with many other powerful features that facilitate the use of such electronic viewfinder Electronics OLED Tru-Finder ™ resolution and high contrast. The sharp detail of the lens elements correct spherical aberration (Double Aspherical Lens) to 4 pieces can view the pictures were taken immediately. To check for a tune up. Or techniques which will match the visual image was taken with the camera.

The rotary control button is placed on top of the camera. Allow users to use finger rotate the camera work was very comfortable, like a DSLR camera can also be configured to work in any of 43 available to the 7 buttons including two buttons for adjusting the custom by. There is also a built-in flash installed add more convenience as well.

To send the images to another device. Such as smart phones, tablets or VAIO can be easily done via Wi-Fi or NFC as well as connectivity for use with smart phones as a remote control shutter extensive shooting. Including the use of smart phones is the screen in the image are taken as well.

Additionally a6000 camera users will be an enjoyable experience. And more creative than ever when using PlayMemories Camera Apps, which is available for download both for free. And buy more You can see the details.

A6000 camera began shipping today. It is available in 2 colors, black and titanium silver and 2 Package Price details are as follows.

ILCE-6000L (Body + Lens 16-50mm). available in black and silver prices. 27,990 baht ILCE-6000Y (Body + Lens 16-50mm + 55-210mm). has only black Price 35,990 Baht

In addition, Sony recommends telephoto lens high brightness SAL70200G2 G lens focal length of 70-200mm, contrast and high brightness Nano AR coating allows Frank Belew and ghosted less.The beautiful background blur Effective to focus on a high level. Development in the focus moving objects. Structures designed to prevent dust and water.

Those interested may inquire more information. Sony call center. 0-2715-6100 or visit