Telenor has Announced their 3G Data Packages

Telenor Pakistan has just announced their 3G service Packages. Prepaid 3G Packages from Telenor come with multiple validity bundles to give freedom and flexibility to customers.

Two variants of daily 3G bundles consists of 50 MBs for Rs. 15 and 100 MBs for Rs. 25. Whereas, 3-days validity bundle would be offered at Rs. 35 for 200 MBs and weekly validity bundle of 500 MBs at Rs. 75.

Monthly 3G Packages from Telenor comprise of 2 plans; 3,000 MBs at Rs. 400 and 8,000 MBs at Rs. 1,000.

Additional usage, after bundle volumes are exhausted, will be charged at 1 paisa per 10 KB which will be valid till the bundle’s end date.

Prepaid customers who do not subscribe to any of the above 3G package would be daily charged 10 paisa per 10 KB for using 3G services, and upon reaching the daily maximum usage of Rs. 50, they will not be charged any further and can browse the internet for free for the rest of the day.

Telenor 3G Packages for Prepaid

PriceVolumeExpiryActivation String
DailyRs. 1550MB1 Day*345*131#
Daily +Rs. 25100 MB1 Day*345*132#
3 DayRs. 35200 MB3 Days*345*133#
WeeklyRs. 75500 MB7 Days*345*134#
MonthlyRs. 4003 GB30 Days*345*135#
Monthly +Rs. 10008 GB30 Days*345*136#

Above mentioned 3G Packages can be availed by all prepaid customers including DJuice and Talkshawk package holders.

3G packages will work both on 2G and 3G coverage area without separate billing under 2G and 3G, whereas 2G bundles will not work in 3G areas.

Postpaid plans will cater to the needs of the data-savvy smartphone users. Telenor said that it is offering various options catering to the needs of the customers.

10-days validity bundle at Rs. 100 for 150 MBs, whereas in 30-days validity category 4 plans will be offered; 300 MBs at Rs. 200, 600 MBs at Rs. 350, 4,000 MBs at Rs. 600 and 8,000 MBs at Rs. 1,000. Additional usage, after bundle limits are exhausted, will be charged at 5 Paisa per 10 KB which will be valid till the bundle’s end date. Usage without subscribing to 3G bundles will be charged at 10 Paisa per 10 KB. .

Telenor 3G Packages for Postpaid

10 Days PackageRs. 100150 MB10 Days
Monthly Package 1Rs. 200300 MB30 Days
Monthly Package 2Rs. 350600 MB30 Days
Monthly Package 3Rs. 6004 GB30 Days
Monthly Package 4Rs. 1,0008 GB30 Days

Above mentioned 3G packages can be be availed by dialling helpline

Telenor has said that special data SIMs for tablets and dongles with affordable and convenient data plans will also be introduced soon.