Telenor SMS Packages 2020 Monthly, Weekly, Daily

Telenor SMS Packages 2020 Monthly, Weekly, DailyHere Telenor Internet Packages 2020 have been consolidated and updated completely with prescription and complete details. We can send a large number of texts via Telenor SMS packages, bundles, offers, buckets. I have given on this page below some SMS bundles with price & specifications. Pakistani people use Telenor SMS packages, Telenor monthly SMS package Telenor SMS pkg Telenor free SMS code, and Telenor daily SMS package 2020.

Telenor SMS Packages 2020 Monthly, Weekly, Daily

This company has also become one of the most used services in Pakistan and have touched the hearts of peoples. Telenor Network offering its services for the last decade for calls, internet & SMS packages. This company has also gotten so many milestones and goals to improve its services and offers.

Telenor also just launched 2G, 3G, and so many Telenor SMS packages 2020 for daily, weekly, monthly, 3 days, and 15 days packages for its clients. To the latest research and survey, it has been found that the company has up to 4 Million users in Pakistan. Jazz, Ufone, Telenor, Warid, and Zong are famous and well-known telecom company which offers SMS packages weekly, monthly, and daily.

Telenor telecom company offers some free packages of Whatsapp & FB offers to its consumers. The companies advertise their services by offering free services in SMS, Calls, and Internet services.

Go to Telenor Official Website.  to get more details and prescriptions about calls, internet, and Telenor SMS Packages 2020. You may get more instructions & problems by calling at 1700 Telenor Helpline No you can get all answers to your questions at the customer care center. Its head office is at Islamabad. The government of Norway has its own.

  • Telenor helpline no= 1700
  • Telenor Owner name= Government/ Politics of Norway
  • Telenor Headoffice= River View Avenue Block B, Plot No 55 Gulberg Greens Islamabad Pakistan.

Telenor 3 Day SMS Packages

The company also offers Telenor SMS packages for 3 days. Dial *730# to activate “3 Days SMS Offer” in Rs. 36/- PKR and get 250 On-net mints with 15 MBs Internet & 500 SMS for 3 days.

Telenor 3 Day SMS Packages
Bundles NameWorthSubscriptionSpecifications
3 Days On-net OfferRs. 36/- incl.taxDial= *730#On-net mints= 250
SMS= 500
Internet= 15 MBs
All in one Offer BundlesRs. 54.89- inlc.taxDial= *345*45#Rs. 75/- Balance for calls & SMS
Internet= 500 MBs


Telenor Daily SMS Package 2020

Activate Telenor SMS Packages to have SMS for 24 Hrs. It offers 2 types of Telenor Daily SMS packages 2020 name “Saat Se Saat Offer” and Daily Messaging Bundle”.

Dial= *5*727# to activate “7 se 7 SMS Offer” in Rs. 8.50/- and get On-net sms= Unlimited, Internet= 20 Mbs and unlimited talkshawk SMS offer from 7 AM to 7 PM.

Telenor Daily SMS packages
Bundles NameCostHow To SubscribeSpecifications
Telenor Saat se Saat Offer PackagesRs.8.50/- incl.taxDial= *5*727#On-net=Unlimited
Internet= 20 MBs
SMS= Unlimited ( talkshawk )
Daily Messaging Bundle OfferRs.2.5/- incl.taxDial= *2*2*1#SMS= 300


Telenor 15 Days SMS Packages 2020

Dial *2*2*5# to have Telenor SMS packages offer for 15 days. “15 days Messaging Offer” will give you 3500 SMS with 200 MBs Internet in Rs. 41.83/ PKR.

Telenor 15 Days SMS packages
Bundles NameCostHow To SubscribeSpecifications
15 Days Messaging OfferRs. 41.83/- incl. taxDial= *2*2*5#SMS= 3500
Internet= 200 MBs 
15 Days Economy SMS OfferRs 17/- incl. taxDial= *345*112#SMS= 800


Telenor Weekly SMS packages 2020

The company also offers Telenor weekly SMS packages 2020 check her its 2 pkgs “Weekly Messaging Offer Buckets” & Weekly SMS Offer”.

You Dial *2*2*2# to select Telenor SMS packages for whole a week and get 12000 SMS, 100 Mbs for WhatsApp.

Telenor weekly SMS packages
Bundles NameCostHow To SubscribeSpecifications
Weekly Messaging Offer BucketsRs. 11.94/- incl.taxDial= *2*2*2#SMS= 12000
Internet= 100 MBs for Whats App
Weekly SMS BundleRs 15.5/- incl.taxDial= *345*112#SMS= 12000


Telenor Monthly SMS Packages 2020

Dial *345*363# to subscribe “Monthly SMS Packages” Offer for the whole month. Get 6000 SMS in Rs. 47.8/- PKR and uses Telenor monthly SMS Packages freely.

Telenor Monthly SMS Packages
Bundles NameCostHow To SubscribeSpecifications
Monthly SMS PackagesRs. 47.8/-Dial= *345*363#SMS= 6000
Monthly Messaging OfferRs. 47.8/- incl.taxDial= *2*2*3#SMS= 10000
Internet=300 MBs


Telenor SMS Packages 2020 Other

This company also offers some other SMS for its users. Dial Just *345*763# for activation “SMS Bundle 200 Bundle”. This offer will get Rs.200/- for activation. Get Telenor SMS package 6000 for a month.

Telenor SMS Packages 2020 Other
Bundles NameCostHow To SubscribeSpecifications
SMS Bundle 200 PackageRs.200/- incl.taxDial= *345*763#SMS= 6000 / month
SMS Bundle 30 PackageRs.30/- incl.taxDial= *345*761#SMS= 250 / month
SMS Bundle 60 PackageRs.60/- incl.taxDial= *345*762#SMS= 600 / month
5 Days SMS Bundle OfferRs.7/- incl.taxDial= *345*015#SMS= 300


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