PM Imran Khan Teleschool Channel in Pakistan

Teleschool Channel in PakistanAccording to the current critical situation due to coronavirus COVID 19 Government of Punjab has decided/inaugurated and launched (First Ever Teleschool Channel) for the students of Pakistan. It happened the first time in the history of Pakistan in the time period of Prime Minister Imran Khan PM Pakistan. Minister of Education (Mr. Shafqat Mahmood) explained that the Teleschools channel will initiate in the coming 3 months. He also said the purposes of PM Imran Khan Teleschool Channel is to promote, endorse, encourage education in Punjab.

Teleschool Channel in Pakistan PM Imran Khan Teleschool Timing in Pakistan

All Punjab has been lockdown for the last 3 weeks to cope with the Corona Virus pandemic. The purposes to launch Teleschop to learn/teach the students through the Telescool channel online. Teleschools will diminish/decrease the loss of study/education due to Pandemic cases. These channels will remain from 08:00 to 18:00 Hrs.

Pakistan Teleschool Schedule in Pakistan 

Teleschool Channel at HomeTeleschool channel system will provide online education from 1 to 12 classes, one to intermediate classes at home. Due to lockdown coronavirus children will be provided education at staying home. the students who could not get lessons/lectures from the Teleschool channel may be studied/get a lesson from the youtube channel in Pakistan.

Every Home will be made School

Through Taleem Ghar Mobile App educaton will be provided/delivered from 1 to 12th class stundets. Now every home will be made school for candidates of upto 12th classes, intermediate students.

How to Watch Pakistan Teleschool Channel